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Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils/Essences
Kirsten Klaus | Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist

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Purity & intention are paramount.  Wisdom of the Earth Plant & Tree Essences are  :   Family owned  •  Meticulously sourced from mindful farmers and artisan distillers  •  Over 280 single, natural, therapeutic grade, pure essential oils (essential essences), hydrolats, and nut/seed oils  •  Hand-poured with loving intention  •  Physical and energetic purity

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Emotional & Spritual Attributes

While I never like to make too many generalities about the Devas (because they are each conscious & so unique), here are some condensed 'emotional/spiritual' highlights.

The color rays are referencing the colors of the actual essential essence, distilled. Often times in the alchemy of distillation, the color can be unexpected from the actual colors of the plants.

Use the tags on the product pages to learn what other grasses, roots, resins, etc. are available.

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The plants and trees work simultaneously on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. So much emphasis gets put on their physical assistance, their exquisite ability to help us connect to our Higher Self, heart feelings, and spiritual yearnings are often (consciously) overlooked. When our spiritual and emotional bodies are well, usually our physical body is quite well too. Every pure Plant and Tree Deva is vastly complex and situation unique to each individual. In aromatherapy, working with several individual plants/trees at one time, gifts infinite combinations and possibilities. At the end of the day, it all boils down to Love- true infinite self love. The Plants and Trees are all Love, and help us remember that we are too. Each and every pure essential oil (essence) helps to lead us Home.

Personal consultations are available if you desire assistance in direction.

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