Pairing People & Plants

Wisdom of the Earth | Essential Essences (Oils)
Kirsten Klaus | Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist

Sharing Experience

"Kirsten just might be the most beautiful and loving human I have had the pleasure of knowing. If you have the opportunity to meet her you will know she is an exceptional soul. Her heart beats to the rhythm of Gaia. The plants and trees speak directly to her.  As she listens and follows their wisdom, she is the most incredible guide. Kirsten has helped me find my true passion and purpose. She immediately tuned into my body and knew what Wisdom of the Earth essences would elevate and balance my energy. Her selections were a perfect fit for me. These essences are of the purist quality and highest vibration. I’m so grateful for Kirsten’s ability to share with me what the plants desire to teach me." 

Renee Logsdon

Wisdom of the earth pure and natural essential oils

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