sharing breath

blog_1The Hawaiians traditionally greeted each other by touching noses and foreheads together and sharing the inhale of breath. This is the connection of the breath/source of life (ha), and spiritual power (mana) between two people.

I was out hiking yesterday and felt the palatable presence of the Hawaiians that walked this land. As I went about my usual jaunt of hugging every tree that called, it suddenly dawned on me- my practice of pressing my head to their bark and breathing in deep union with them is quite the same.

I feel this blessed tree… and she feels me. Often times it makes my head spin from the deep communion. She is talking to me and sharing her wisdom deep deep within my being, in a place where words are forgotten. I am sharing with her my love, humbleness, and gratitude.

I thank her. Feeling so connected. So loved. So grounded. And so joyous!

Now I am back home, inside, and on the computer typing this on wifi. Seemly far from those blissful moments of having bark stuck to my forehead. Well, yes and no… for I have plant essences all over my body right now (spruce blue, himalayan soti, eucalyptus true…).

A plant essence is a living embodiment of the plant itself. All day we are sharing breath together; her scent reminding me of this sacred act. She is constantly helping me remember and feel that love, connection, grounded-ness, and joy that I felt in the forest yesterday. Transporting me back there. So graciously sharing breath.