physical ailment?

Is a person really divisible into physical, emotional, and spiritual parts?

The rational mind wishes that it was so; it would make things so much more… well, um, rational. But this is not the case. We function as a whole. And so we must treat ourselves as such.

When we are heartbroken (rather than surrender to the vulnerability of feeling it) we might choose to shed a single late night tear or simply brush it off. “NO time for this!” When our very Spirit is unhappy, it is usually asking us for radical change. “Definitely NO time for this!” 

We can pretend to ignore our Spirit and emotions – until they eventually bubble up to the physical plane. This is the place that is going to get our attention. When we are physically ill, everything stops. Our being is absolutely demanding that we take time and look.

The physical body is our great guide. It is always conversing with the other ‘parts’ of our self. When something goes untended, it shows up in the physical body. It also works vise versa; when something is lovingly tended in our hearts, we too feel that goodness in our body.

Different parts of the body and different ailments correspond quite predictably with particular emotional and spiritual unrest. There are many people that have done a lot of work in this field (like Louise Hay and Dr. Michael J. Lincoln). Their work can help give us clues into where we need to be looking within ourselves… where we need to put some attention.

It can feel a daunting task to look within, but it is one of the many things the plants offer to help us with. The plants work with us as a whole being. They do not divide us into parts. While it may appear they are simply working on a physical ailment, they are so much more complex. They are permeating our very roots… offering to us the support and opportunity of greater awareness…. if we so choose.