flood of the heart

Rain poured from the heavens this weekend like an infinite well of tears. The rivers jumped their banks and the land itself became sea.

The power of water… the sheer force of delicate drops when they unite in mass and movement…

Trees ripped from the ground. Houses, cars, roads… literally washed into the ocean in one fell swoop.

To walk though this aftermath is to be humbled. It is such a blatant reminder that we as humans are not in control. We live as guests within Gaia’s garden; we do not own it.

It was the lavender that finally helped me to open my heart and FEEL the immensity.

I so love lavender! Years ago I called to her Spirit and asked if she would join me here, despite her intense adversity for the wet clay and tropical heat.

And she did!!!

She sprouted from seed and grew into gorgeous, aromatic lushness. When lots of rain came, I would sing to her more often. So compassionately, she would shake off the dampness and become vibrant again.

My beloved heart-shaped bed of lavender (Lavandula stoechas) was overrun by the river in the flooding. When the water finally receded, half of the heart had been swept away in the torrent. The lovelies that hung on laid broken and silt laden.

I pulled a branch from the ground and clasped it to my heart. Her intoxicating scent (still intact) broke the dam for my own river of tears. I doubled over in sobs clutching her in full transparency and utter vulnerability.

Just as the rains eventually stopped, so did my tears. Speaking in a broad metaphor for many BEings here on the island and across the planet– the lavender heart appears broken at the moment, but the love is no less potent or prevalent. We always have LOVE. In every single moment, we have the choice to choose LOVE.

Love lives within. It can never be found looking outward. Turn a soft gaze into your very own heart. FEEL THIS LOVE!

I have written this piece with Lavender Stoechas anointing my heart (of course, right?). She has been talking to me nonstop these last few days. I asked her if she would be willing to share her thoughts and wisdom here.

She offers, “The answer is not to harden but to soften. Especially in these times, it may appear that walls should be built to keep ourselves safe. This is the ultimate illusion. A wide open heart in full realization of love is the only path through.”

Love and blessings to all!

5 thoughts on “flood of the heart

  1. I am hugging you and Lavender with my heart and my tears… so many changes before us and all we can do is love! Thank you for your words. I felt them deep into my soul. The rain cleanse our souls.

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