heart song

The plants and tress are miraculous wisdom and love teachers. They are so intuitive and perceptive of what is needed to assist our expansion deeper into love. Last week  (Flood of the Heart) Lavender already knew exactly what I needed; she perfectly pulled on my heart strings to help me open and release. What a gift she shared!

As I write this, a shama bird is joyously singing outside my window. I can never understand her language in my head because there is no translation available ‘up there’. But if I sit and listen to her with my heart, I receive the direct transmission– no words needed.

‘What does that feel like?’ I am instantly transported back to those feeling memories of being a small child and having the wind dance with me. Every cell in my body relaxes, and releases what I have been holding– both consciously and unconsciously. I become fully present. All there is, is a conversation between shama bird and me. She is balancing my heart with her song, helping me return to Source.

Whether we are paying attention or not, the plants and trees are always talking and informing us in a similar way. But, they do not use a song that can be perceived by the ears. They are asking for an even deeper commitment and trust to go beyond the ‘5 senses’ (that we rely on so heavily) and access our biggest ‘sense’– the Heart.

‘How do you know if you are in your heart?’ Do you think you know, or do you have a depth of knowing that resonates through your whole being? Are you looking, or are you feeling? Are you lost in a chaotic frenzy of thoughts, or is there a centered grounded peace despite the outer chaos?

It has been a lifelong remembering and practice for me to reconnect with my heart space, and trust her to be my greatest Guide. Following my Heart as my guide is a solitary walk that only I will truly understand. Heart speak cannot be rationalized or explained. To walk forward in Love with the Heart leading is the ultimate love for one’s self and then out to others. It is the only way I can truly experience peace within.

The plants and trees have been my great teachers about trusting my heart as my guide. Their patience and loving persistence with me is astounding…

I place my forehead to a tree and feel my worries fall away while a surge of love enters in place…. I clench a broken stalk of lavender to my heart and cry a deep needed release… I place cardamon green essence on my chest and feel the expansion and connection of me to me… in gardening, I trust what the plants tell me to do even when it doesn’t cerebrally fit. And then I witness it working….

I could fill pages and pages of how the plants and trees have been teaching me to reconnect and listen to my own Heart. They are such immense and spectacular reflections of LOVE. And at the end of the day, we are all One.

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