the thank you note

My parents always taught my brother and I to be gracious for every gift we are given, and to always write thank you notes.

This written thank you is long overdue…

From the very moment I arrived on Gaia
You offered me breath
You were the cotton blanket that swaddled my newborn skin
I was wrapped in your love from the beginning
And I will still be wrapped in your love when I leave

You create the food that sustains me
You keep me dry and protected
You are my medicine when I lose my balance
You ground me when I am lost
You expand my heart into more joy, more love!
You lead me into vibrancy on the physical, spiritual, and emotional planes
You literally offer me a tree to lean on

You are at the source of my very existence
I could never live without you
Nor would I want to
You help me to thrive
You remind me of my life-force within
You show me courage by example
You teach me patience and tenacity
Most of all you teach me LOVE
At every single moment, you are willing to support me
To support life

You are my Divine teachers
You continue to choose LOVE, despite the pain and destruction we humans cause you
Your generosity is exceptional
You hold no judgement
You do not resist change, you adapt
You never complain about what you don’t have
You use everything that you do have

You allow me to dance around you in the highest of bliss
And pour my tears into you in my deepest of sorrow
You do not judge one from the other
Your love is unconditional
You are so incredibly willing to meet me exactly where I am

You are my best friends
My guides
My confidants
My support team in ways I can’t even begin to fathom
If I ask you a question, you always answer me in truth
When I feel lost
You call me over
And remind me of your constant and loving embrace

My eyes flood with tears in my heartfelt gratefulness to you dear dear plants and trees
Feel my heart
Feel my love and honor
You are amazing amazing Beings!

I bow my head to your roots in the deepest of gratitude
for all that you do
for how you LOVE…

May I live every breath of my life reflecting your exquisite, loving example
Aho plants and trees! Aho!



3 thoughts on “the thank you note

      1. Such freshness to know that there are many beautiful parents out there. I too had beautiful parents that I will always honor.

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