love or fear?

In every single moment, as individuals, we have only two choices- LOVE or FEAR. It sounds like such a simple and easy decision… “well LOVE of course! I choose LOVE!”. But words are just words. The magnitude of this statement is in the action…the day in and day out, second to second action of making the choice.

I’ve been watching this very closely in myself lately. How long do I spin off into a fear frenzy before I realize where I am, reassess, and choose Love? Am I willing to really look at what the fear is hiding within me, with Love? Do I have the courage to always choose Love even when I am nearly paralyzed by fear?

How fast can it switch? How quickly can I shift from wallowing in the heady muck of doomsday and move into my heart center? How quickly can I recognize I am in fear and make the choice to shift it?

I am going to make a blanket statement that there is a lot going on for every one right now in this time on Gaia. There is much collective love propelling us forward, and there is also the duality of collective fear attempting to hold us back.

Where can we turn? Who is completely rooted in Divine Love? Who has agreed to come here and help us no matter what?

The plants and trees!!!

The plants and trees are willing to go as far as to give their lives for us, over and over again in the effort to help us come back into complete alignment with Divine Love. Divine Love is their frequency- it is their day in and day out modus operandi. They are absolutely determined to help wake us up to this remembering within ourselves.

Hug a tree. Talk lovingly to your food. Take the time to really, really smell a flower. Say hello to the plants on the side of the road that are so often ignored…. Be creative! Follow your intuition. Have a relationship. I can promise they feel you and are speaking to you even if you ‘think’ you cannot hear/feel them.

Call in the magnified potency of the plant essences. Let them support you. For me, they help me align with more equilibrium in love. They help me to pull out of fear faster and with more ease when I fall into that illusion.

Laurel leaf (Laurus nobilis) has been an exceptional confidant for me lately… I am so grateful her support and courage to stay in my heart. Pine Ponderosa (Pinus ponderosa) and Pinus Mugo ground me so that I may step out and hover over myself, observing what is happening within. Spruce White (Picea glauca) and Pine White (Pinus strobus) remind me of my connection to the heavens. Lavender Albainan Wild (Lavendula agustifolia) soothes my heart in the most difficult moments in choosing Love.

We are not alone in this. We are never alone. The plants and trees are always waiting with a loving and listening heart. We just have to surrender, confide in them, and ask for help.

Thank you dear plants and trees! AHO!

Infinite blessings on your own divine journey!

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