taking time

Taking time

What IS important to you?
What does your heart truly desire?
Are you honoring that?
Are you putting time and energy here?

Big questions. A moment to moment to moment choice for each of us as individuals.
What are you choosing? Love or fear?

This whole life thing can feel overwhelmingly complicated at times. I have put my forehead to a tree numerous times and asked if they ever feel that things are ‘complicated’? And I have always received the same vein of an answer…

“Complicated? Oh no, that is just a human thing. There is nothing complicated for us. We remember we are Divine Love, and we show up for everything that comes to us, in that LOVE frequency. We know our center, our roots, our abundance and that is from where we live. When the rain comes, we welcome it. When the sun shines, we say thank you. When the stars come out, we sing to them. We are in constant communication with everything and all. We pass no judgment. The word ‘judgement’ is not in our vocabulary either. We have quite a difficult time understanding the human trait of judgment. Do we prefer to be treated in love and respect just as you do? Well of course we do! But even if someone causes us harm, we do not judge as good or bad, right or wrong. We have the ability to always see the Divine Love in all and have unshakable trust in the perfection of all things. Perhaps you could grasp it in human terms as X-ray vision… we are able to see to the core of all things and at that very core is Divine Love. We came to Gaia not only to make your existence possible, but we came as your teachers. No matter what you do to us, we chose not to retract our love from you. It is all seeing and all knowing. We realize that is quite a difficult concept to fully embody as a human, but it IS possible for you. Every single moment we are directing you to that truth whether you are consciously aware of it or not.”

So how does this all fit in? How does the message from the plants and trees correlate to the first questions? “What does your heart desire? And are you honoring that?”

When you are not living from the guidance of your heart (your own truth and inner compass), then you are not truly living in alignment with love. If you are not following this guidance, well then… what ARE you doing?

The plants and trees are our great allies in these heart undertakings. They are in total alignment with love. When we put them in, on, and around our bodies…when we call in their spirits into our consciousness, they are reminding and encouraging us to answer that call of the heart, even when it might appear insane to others.

But what else do we have? Is there enough trust to the voice of your own heart (to risk what sometimes feels like everything) to move in the direction in which you are called?

Lean into a tree. Press your forehead to the grass. Anoint yourself with the pure love potency of an essential essence. Fill your mouth with a handful of fresh herbs. Take time to smell flower or feel the softness of a leaf upon your hand. Let the plants and trees remind you. Allow them to be your teachers.

Our greatest teachers are literally at our feet every moment of every day. No teacher can ever get through to you if you never stop and take the time to listen and receive.

Do not be intimidated that the plants and trees do not speak English. Do you doubt? Put your heart against a tree with the intent of feeling and receiving this tree. Stay here for a bit. How do you feel before and after? Do you perceive a difference? Even a tiny one?

You have just received teachings and Love of the plant and tree kingdom. The mind has been bypassed. Direct transmission of the heart. No need to question, just be grateful. The heart is the gateway of truth.


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