child-like wonder

Wandering around the backyard late this afternoon, grazing like a rabbit among the herbs… yarrow flowers, bright yellow Mexican mint marigold blooms, rama tulsi, sage common, mulberry, chicory leaf, parsley, chocolate mint…

Ahhhhh… finally coming down from a full day of computer, tech support, cell phone, todo lists… The plants reminding my body of their frequency. The smells tickle my nose, the essences rest upon my fingers, the vibrancy making it’s way deeper and deeper into the core of my body… I am settling back down into my heels, into the earth. Deep relaxed sigh. Ahhhhh, much better!

Standing in the grass with a confetti of color stuck in my teeth, I start to write this blog on my phone (yes, the computer is still updating). “What should I write today?” I ask the plants. “No writing now, ” they say. I am down on my hands and knees taking pictures instead. So completely overcome with their beauty that I completely forget about words.

I am still somewhat at a loss for words. As a human, it is just impossible for me to fathom the scope of the work of the plants and the trees. It is so perfectly all-encompassing. Even when I feel my perspective is expansive, I still am most likely only looking through a peep hole in the fence.

Do you talk to the plants and the trees?
Can you find it within your heart to really grasp that the plants and the trees are your most beloved friends?

Are you looking at these words right now with a quizzical sideways glance?

Who did you eat for dinner? Who did you breath today? Who are you wearing? Who gives you shade on the hottest day of summer? Who is always there for you when you walk outside? Who is so humble they allow you to wipe your bum with them, and synonymously so intelligent they can cure the most complex human dis-eases? Need I say more?

In my opinion, I am still giving you a topsoil human perspective, but we humans find comfort in tangible things.

We have no idea of the genius, the wisdom, and infinite scope of the plants and trees. The only place we can even begin is by dropping into that heart space of loving wonder.

Sitting down with my friends this morning (the leafed ones of course), I floated deep into that wondrous space. The tree I was sitting next to was talking to trees on the other side of Gaia. Being the Divine Love that she is, she has an open channel to communicate with all. She is willing to help with anything that is in the frequency of LOVE. I don’t know how she does it, but I do know in my heart, she and her entire kingdom are constantly facilitating what we call ‘miracles’.

Today I asked my tree friend to facilitate messages of love to all humanity. And then I asked her specifically to message love to several humans for me. What does that look like? I have no idea, but let me spin a story for you…

The tree that I am speaking with instantly sends a message to her sister thousands of miles away. Calling in the help of the wind at the exact moment my mom walks out of her office, the branches reach out and tickle her arm. It makes mom pause just for a split second. Long enough to notice the touch and come back into her body and heart – maybe even inspiring a small smile… because somehow, someway, not only does my mom receive the loving exhale, but she knows it was from me.

May you have many moments this week basking in child-like wonder…. and having ridiculously beautiful conversations with the plants and the trees!




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