Questions I ask myself

Am I capable of fully feeling this?  (‘this’ being whatever is within me right now… no matter how blissful or how horrific it appears)

Can I feel this in complete love… gifting myself the space without judgment to allow this to process through me?

Do I have enough patience and trust to simply be my own witness?

No matter what the circumstance, can I remember that I am never alone?

I walked out in the woods today because it was the kindest space I could give myself to BE with what I was feeling. The plants and trees embraced me in an infinite hug.

Whether I visit them in the ground, in a bottle of essence, or in the ethers… the plants and trees always offer a trunk to lean upon, a scent to soften the heart, a leaf to tickle the soul, and a flower so beautiful, she tears my eyes…

Deep deep gratitude to you my dear friends, I couldn’t do this without you.

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