Kirsten Klaus is a dedicated and humble student of the plants and trees. She is a Certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist and has spent many years as a medicinal plant and tree farmer.

In her years of caring for and listening to the plants and trees, they have shared immensely. Season after season, year after year, they show her how they are our true models of vibrant health and abundance… the great reminders of our most vital life force… our honored teachers directly connected to earth and sky.

She is deeply inspired by how working with the human body is so very similar to lovingly tending the plants and trees. She watches…the closer we get to living their example, the more peace, joy, love, and abundance we experience.

Kirsten’s deep connection with the plants and trees and her ability to commune with them guide her in assisting clients to remember their own perfect soil and abundant sun.

She calls in spirits and the teachings of the plants and trees, and the high frequencies of the Wisdom of the Earth pure single essences to support each individual in embodying their own infinite potential on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Please contact to set up a consultation with Kirsten and the plants and the trees.

(photo credit: Dominique Defelice,  IG: niquefelice)