September 30, 2020

When you are mucking around in the swamp of fear (all low frequency), you are not going to be able to hear your Guides, Angels, and Higher Self very well at all…which of course makes it worse because you feel even more ‘disconnected’.

Our Guides and Angels operate at a very high frequency. It is very rare that they fully materialize on the earth plane because it takes so much energy for their light bodies to come down into such density. However, we do have a great ability to connect, hear, and feel them with our hearts.

But…you have to be in your heart to feel them with your heart. If you are in fear, I can promise you, you are not in your heart space.

I don’t remember why fear is the default state here on Gaia (especially since we came from love, are love, and will go home to love). Fear may be the default, however we still have a choice. We always have a choice in what we desire to feel and hence perpetuate.

If you are scared to get…
If you are scared to be…
If you don’t want to look at the truth because…
If you don’t want to know because…
If you are scared to leave the earth body because…
If you don’t seek your own truth because…

I encourage you to get serious and do whatever work you need to do within yourself to find your peace. If you don’t know how to do that, ask your Guides, Angels, Higher Self. If you can’t do it on your own, they will help you find the right people/experiences that will give you the opportunity to change/grow.

We all have the power and the choice to grow in awareness and see our weak spots where we are most apt to get triggered and acquiesce to the fear paradigm. What I am finding in my own life is there comes a point when you just say ‘no’. ‘Nope, not doing it…not going there because it simply doesn’t serve me…’.

And some of you may ask…well what about feeling and the importance of feeling your feelings?

You have to find your own balance in feeling, perpetuating a feeling that causes you suffering, knowing when you have felt it fully and can release it, and knowing if you are purposely grabbing onto a feeling because you desire (or feel you deserve) to cause yourself suffering.

Also good questions to ask yourself: do you feel that you deserve to suffer? if so, why? And what good does that do for anyone/anything, especially yourself?

The most important thing we can each do to help elevate humanity out of this shit-show, is to stay in the highest, most loving frequency we possibly can at all times. Simply don't engage with that which is a worthless downer. Find the silver linings wherever you can. Be grateful for what is beautiful and joyous in your life.

If there was ever a time for self discipline and focus on being the highest version of ourselves we can possibly be (first for ourselves and then out to the world), the time is now. Every time you chose love, you help yourself and all consciousness more than you could ever possibly fathom. All of the small adds up to large. Fear is the oxygen to fear itself. Choose wisely.

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