November 05, 2020

Our light and love is needed more than ever for the evolution of our planet, humanity, and all conscious beings.

Every single thought matters. The energy of each and every thought IS registered in the Universe and eventually reflected back.

When we imagine something horrific happening, we are literally asking for ‘that’ to happen.

When we radiate out thoughts of peace and harmony, we are asking ‘that’ to happen.

Remember the old saying, fake it until you make it? I don’t necessarily resonate with the verbiage, however I do know that when you absolutely believe your knowing and act as so (even if it has not happened yet), it will almost always manifest itself in some form.

What kind of world do you desire to live in? A violent and fear ravaged world? Or a harmonious, peaceful world where there is acceptance and abundance for every being?

Whatever you have to do to detach from fear and fearful thoughts - DO IT NOW!
Definitely turn off the TV and MSM (main stream media). TV & MSM are the most powerful ways that low frequency beings keep people corralled in the fear prison. Why do they do this? People are most easily controlled and most willing to give up their rights when they are in fear. One cannot and will not think/act rationally when in fear. Period.

There is a certain degree of self discipline and straight up resilience you must conger up to consistently keep yourself in high frequency (love, peace, harmony, happiness, gratitude, etc.).

Remember how much you are loved. Remember that you are love.

Gaia and all of humanity need ‘all hands on deck’. Send out thoughts of peace, light, love and harmony whenever you can. You don’t have to sit down and meditate for an hour…a 2 second intention is valuable. Keep your frequency high, no matter how creative you must be to do that.

Fear can only live in the head. When you feel fear (entrapped, anger, frustration, etc.) stop, get quiet, and feel into your heart. Your heart is your compass, let it guide you. Sometimes you just have to get firm with your head and firmly command that it “STOP”.

After we leave this planet, we will once again have the remembering of just how powerful thought, intention, and prayer are. I encourage you to use it now to help raise the frequency of Gaia and all of humanity.

All of the plants and trees can of course assist us with this. A few that are coming through...
Cardamon Seed Green: heart opener, chi warmer, digestive aid on all planes
Laurel Leaf: the queen of courage
Rabbit Brush: a massive cleanser and ray of golden light
Fir White: clarity of thought with connection to god consciousness
Artemisia Vulgaris Linn: Helps quiet the mind and sink into the heart
Palo Santo: Shamanic traveling and meditation aid
Myrtle: she vibrates pure joy
St. John’s Wort: restoring hope

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