Is Silence really Silent?

Is Silence really Silent?

June 25, 2018

A dear avocado tree outside my door is best friends with a shama bird. Every morning, Shama comes to rest upon her branches and share a visit. To hear their two hearts sing together… ahhh… even writing it brings tears to my eyes. The connection between this feathered one and this leafed one is simply magical.

Despite 3D appearances, they speak the same language. Everyone and everything does when we speak in heart language. The heart language of love needs no translations.

For years, I practiced taking regular days of silence. I would choose not to speak for a day or several at a time. My outward communication consisted of only the most necessary of written words. I carried a little card around with me that read “observing a day of silence today”.

During the time I was engaging in this weekly practice, I ‘thought’ I was doing it because I just couldn’t take all of the noise within my own head and I felt exhausted and disappointed by the energy that was escaping from my very own lips. Being silent brought me a tangible amount of relief from the inner chatter, and a clarity and stillness that I couldn’t seem to find when I was speaking.

I learned multitudes about myself watching what I wanted “to say” or how I wanted “react”. Instead of having the ability of speaking mindlessly, I had to look at it and live with it mindfully– no escape route.

After years of the speechless day here and there, I followed a deep yearning to go into the mountains for 30 days in silence and solitude. I chose to write my inner unfolding during that time. I was so curious what would unveil itself in my being when all there was, was to be with myself. I remember filling pages and pages as the days passed. On day 19, I woke up and wrote three words, “I am quiet”. What an inward celebration!

Life made a huge divergence for me during this adventure. I put my forehead to a giant redwood and I HEARD her! It was the first time I was very clear that she was speaking to me… and that I could speak to her.

Was this true? Was this possible? I had been hugging trees for years because it just felt good. But this?!? This was something entirely new!

I had gotten quiet enough to hear my Heart over the chatter of my all so insatiable Aquarian mind. I was learning a new language!

After the 30 days, I came back down into the world. The transition was difficult for me. I yearned for the silence. But this was the real practice- how could I take what I learned and experienced up there and bring it down here, into my daily?

Years later, I can still say that I am integrating, practicing, and growing from the experience…

What do I choose to say? Is it necessary? Am I listening to someone’s words, or am I listening to someone’s heart? Can I interpret spoken words and heart speak simultaneously? Can I be patient and wait to speak or chose not to speak at all? Can I be wide open enough to absorb the heart speak from all of the plants, trees, animals, rocks, ocean…?

Hearing heart speak involves vulnerability and receiving. Mind speak is exactly the opposite. We live in a culture that thrives, supports, and encourages mind speak. What if you challenged the norm? What if you challenged yourself to put your mind aside and truly listen and speak from your heart? What does this feel like?

The heart knows no boundaries. The mind knows lots of boundaries. It adores them. The mind is a prolific stone layer, building walls everywhere. The heart is doesn’t understand the concept of walls. Infinite possibility lives in the heart.

The plants and trees are ready and willing to help you practice the heart language. Are you working with an essence right now? Have you asked her to tell you about herself? Have you hugged a tree lately? Have you asked dear tree how her day was?…

Learning any language takes practice. Why you may ask me- why should I invest my time here?

In my experience, being able to hear and speak from the heart is necessary for me to be at peace within myself.


Kirsten Klaus is a certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist and is available for consultations – pairing people with plants via single pure essences to support your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

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