Looking for...

Looking for...

December 03, 2018

Have you asked yourself lately, ‘what am I looking for?’
…and I am not referring to that missing sock.

We surround ourselves with people, activities, habits, dogmas, structures, patterns…. for what?

So that we don’t feel ‘alone’?

So that we can momentarily feel ‘full’?

So that there is enough chaos and noise happening around us that we can actually convince our self that there is something ‘outside’ of thy self that can fill the yearning that can barely even be formed into words?
…the yearning to dive head first into the well of infinite love and never leave?

How many times must we repeat our self to finally grasp that nothing other than our own heart will ever satiate the eternal looking for…?

How much courage does it take to recognize the illusion that the ‘outside’ is only fluff at best?

How much extraordinary trust in one’s self does it take to chose the path less traveled and live from the inside, out?

When undeniable knowing meets the irrevocable choosing to live with-in, instead of with-out, the well of love is once again recognized as innately yours.


Kirsten Klaus is a certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist and is available for consultations – pairing people with plants via single pure essences to support your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

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My body is my temple?!?
My body is my temple?!?

March 21, 2020

...You are enough. You are enough the create betterment in the world simply by bettering yourself with love, kindness, and positive thought. Even if you don’t leave the house, your loving energy is felt infinitely and can heal and ‘do good’ beyond any measure that any of us can fathom.

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To: You. Love, Me.
To: You. Love, Me.

March 13, 2020

We always have choices.
We always, always have choices in what we choose to believe and how we choose to BE.
We are in massive flux of change
We are on the see-saw right now…right on the brink of a collective shift into higher love and higher consciousness.
Every time you do fear, you jump onto that side.
Every time you do love, it helps tip everything to love.

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One thing YOU can do
One thing YOU can do

February 05, 2020

I spent most of my 30s in a self-imposed, rigid mediation practice. Why? I so desired to KNOW peace within myself and to consciously remember and embody oneness with all.
I was committed, diligent, and…inflexible in my practice.
A meditation practice whose intention was freedom, but who’s structure was anything but…Yes, I’m laughing right now and I hope you are too.

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