My body is my temple?!?

My body is my temple?!?

March 21, 2020

I visited a garden that has been used with the intent of meditation since the early 1900s. Even after over 100 years after inception, it is still filled with visitors that come specifically to meditate and contemplate.

I sat down on a bench and closed my eyes ‘to meditate’. Almost instantly I was ‘out there’, floating freely in a quiet, restful place. After a bit I moved on… smelled the flowers, kissed some trees and…sat down again with the intention ‘to meditate’. Instantly I was ‘out and flying’. Back to earth I came for some more flower and tree kissing…and then just to see if the experience held true a third time, I sat ‘to meditate’. It happened again! Instant peace and quiet. Not a thought to be found.

I have dedicated enough time and practice to meditation to tell you with full conviction this was an amazingly pleasant and rather unusual occurrence for me. Usually it appears to take ‘a lot more’ to settle into ‘a lot less’ that allows me access to the conscious state of limitless bliss. Not to mention there were people teeming around everywhere that could have so easily been distracting.

There are certain places on this planet that inexplicably ‘feel good’ to us. Why is this? They hold and emit a frequency that we feel, receive, and resonate.

In this meditation garden, thousands and thousands of people have shown up with a focused intention of being quiet and connecting to ‘higher’. Their vibrations of intention have built and built, creating a manifestation of radiating energy that is palpable.

While many flowers and trees have been lovingly planted in this garden, so have feelings, intentions, and energy. That is the real reason why it was so easy to ‘step out’ and ‘step into’ a quiet and peaceful state. There was a blossoming abundance of peace energy that couldn’t even be touched by those talking in normal voices with their focus still on the 3D perfunctory of where to eat dinner.

Focused intention creates streamers of unwavering and hugely influential energy.

The one piece of ‘real estate’ we all have privy to during this earth journey is our body. Just like the meditation garden, whatever intention and energy we consistently put into ourselves is what we become and what we emit to everything around us.

We can be a walking meditation garden or a trashcan left out in the summer sun. Your choice. Truly, your absolute magnificent sovereign choice.

I am always intending to remember more self-love. After the experience in the meditation garden, something in me clicked on a deeper level of understanding. I started a practice right then and there - anytime I can possibly think of it, I consciously stream love and peace and kindness into my being. I know exactly how I want ‘this garden' to look and feel. I know what intentions and thoughts I desire to plant and those which I desire to transmute into something more beautiful.

Thousands of people have created the peaceful collective energy in the meditation garden. Yet out of those thousands, each and every person had to show up by themselves and make their own personal contribution to the collective.

There has never been a more important time to be mindful of what you plant in the ‘garden of you’. Our individual gardens create the collective garden. And our collective garden is calling in as many high frequency gardeners as possible.

You are enough. You are enough to create betterment in the world simply by bettering yourself with love, kindness, and positive thought. Even if you don’t leave the house, your loving energy is felt infinitely and can heal and ‘do good’ beyond any measure that any of us can fathom.

The Universe feels everything. You can’t hide anything. If you feel fear, 'ok, you feel fear', however you have a choice of what do with that. You can either keep feeling fear and sow that in all of the rows of your garden, OR you can recognize it for what it is and put it out in the light to be transmuted. Darkness cannot exist in light. Be brave. Do your own work. If you don’t know what that is, keep it really simple: consciously flood yourself with love and be the most beautiful and peaceful walking garden you can possibly be.

Love is always the answer.

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