Navigating the Change

Navigating the Change

July 29, 2019

It is undeniable that massive change is happening on Gaia right now and we are all feeling it.

Maybe you’ve been diligently doing your inner work…maybe you’ve just been doing your best to get out of bed every morning…maybe you’re somewhere in the middle.

Gaia is conscious and she is upping her frequency. Are we as individuals willing to change with her, or are we white-knuckling old ways because we are afraid and/or don’t remember how to do anything different?

To think we can just go out and ‘wing it’ with no consciousness around our direction will definitely get us lost. Do you know what direction you are moving? Do you know your grand vision, your true north?

Mine is to remember the love from which I came and which I am, to live in this frequency, and to share it with as many BEings as possible while I am here.

Some of my navigation tools that keep me on point:
  1. What I think and what I feel become my reality. I have a choice in this…I am not a puppet with strings. I am a magnificent sovereign being of Divine Love.
  2. There is a difference between feeling and suffering. It took me a long time to figure this out. I can feel fully but not engage in the suffering from what I am feeling, if I choose.
  3. I choose not to suffer. I choose not to create pain for myself. This doesn’t always mean that there is no confrontation or uncomfortable moments. This means that I speak my truth to the best of my ability. I ask, ‘what would Love do now?’ when I am unsure. I honor my self worth in every interaction. I am willing to have a reverse gear when I see that I am mistaken, and I make the amends I need to make as soon as possible. And last but not least, I am willing to forgive myself.
  4. I am willing to tell my mind ‘ENOUGH’ and to just ‘STOP IT’. The default reaction of the mind is fear. The default reaction of the heart is love. Choose your driver.
  5. Not everything we feel is ours. I work to be as clear as possible of what is mine is what is not. I don’t scout out rabbit holes that were dug by someone else or the collective. But mine or not, I still wrap it all in a big hug of love.
  6. I give myself an infinite permission slip to feel bliss and love all of the time. The idea that we must punish our-self for ‘X’ or ‘simply being here’ is blasphemy and the old paradigm. Don’t keep buying in.
  7. I make conscious choices of my interactions. If you think you can watch a film with violence, listen to a song with lyrics of suffering and heartbreak, engage in humor that harms others…and you think it doesn’t effect you, FEEL again.
  8. I surround myself with people, words, art, expression, ideas, and beauty that inspire me to live in my highest good and highest love.
  9. I use the plant and tree essential essences (oils) multiple times per day. Why? The plants and trees are an unwavering frequency of love. I live in a 3D body at this time. Wearing the essences on my body is palatable reminder to all of me (physical/spiritual/emotional) that I am infinitely wrapped in a Divine Hug. Every pure and natural essence supports this. I can’t say enough about what allies they are: both in my own individual experience and in witnessing others. It is one of the big reasons I chose to practice medicinal aromatherapy.
  10. I never agree to lose my true north: LOVE… even if I have to put sticky note reminders everywhere during the most challenging times.

May we each embody a willingness to be fluid and soft both in and to change. May you have the courage and perseverance to steer your own course instead of blowing too and fro with every changing breeze.

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