Oil the Grind

Oil the Grind

August 10, 2019

I was sitting at a stoplight Thursday afternoon and a woman in her 30s came dancing (literally) across the crosswalk singing and laughing to herself…seemingly oblivious to anything but her joy.

‘My Brain’ says, “OMG, is that woman sane? Is she high? Well yes of course she’s high…but high on what?”.

‘My Heart’ pushes ‘My Brain’ aside and says, “Yes, she is high…high on joy…high on love. Oh wow! How beautiful!”. I let myself feel… I feel her joy and I let it in…and by the time she is to the other side the street…I am laughing out loud, doing a silly little dance in my seat, and thanking her for sharing her bliss without bounds.

Green light!!! Green light to feel joy and bliss at any moment as much as we can possibly remember to do so!

If you haven't watched one of the youtube videos of one person’s laughter becoming contagious on a subway, it is absolutely worth 3 minutes of your time.

To me, this is one of the most simplified and clear expressions of exactly how our energy field affects one's self and others. Put it in any context because it is relevant in every single one of them. Now take it one step farther and realize that this is not confined to physical interactions, your thoughts and intentions also create an energy field that gets sent out and felt by all.

Truly, we can’t be reminded too often.

This is where the plants and trees come in…they can always be that person laughing on the subway. They hold the frequency of love and joy constantly because they don’t participate in this b.s. of duality (love vs. fear) we as a human collective continuously create.

The plants and trees gift me a huge advantage of experiencing joy and navigating in love because I am literally wearing their bliss all of the time…or in other words, I always have the laughing person on the subway with me when I choose.

Want to change the world? Want to do something profound? Want to simply feel differently?

Well…then choose to do so. Put some essences on…and start laughing to yourself even if you are faking it at the start and see how long it takes you to really feel it and BE it. Observe how long it stays with you. When it wanes…do it again…and again…and again…until your whole base line operating frequency shifts.

If every human being on Gaia laughed at the same time for even just 2 minutes (7.7+ billion people laughing) I can only begin to fathom what kind of healing and conscious shift might take place across the entire world.

Start with YOU, because your YOU creates our WE.

All of the pure plant and tree essential essences (oils) help us to remember our inherent joy, but there are some Devas that really make it apparent. Check out the blossom essences…any of them. Two of my personal favorite joys (that can have me laughing out loud when they touch me) are carnation and osmanthus. The citrus family is infamous for joy too (but do be mindful of skin application because many can be skin/photosensitive. It is always good to use these on the bottoms of your feet if you are in question of how to apply them). I am personally working with a lot of seed essences at this time and they are bringing me huge amounts of joy (after all I am being inspired to write this piece)...

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