One thing YOU can do

One thing YOU can do

February 05, 2020

I spent most of my 30s in a self-imposed, rigid mediation practice. Why? I so desired to KNOW peace within myself and to consciously remember and embody oneness with all.

I was committed, diligent, and…inflexible in my practice.
A meditation practice whose intention was freedom, but who’s structure was anything but…Yes, I’m laughing right now and I hope you are too.

This wasn’t all for naught. When you spend that much time quiet with yourself, with the intention of peace, it is impossible not to grow in Love. And it led me to a practice that to me, is freedom itself.

It is a practice that can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone. It is a practice that quickly sheds the connotations of ‘a practice’ and becomes pleasure. And by the way, full permission slip to experience pleasure. Side note and main note: the idea that we must suffer is one of the biggest lies on this planet.

Breathe in Love and breathe out Love.
And repeat.

Have the intention to energetically connect with the cosmos, the heavens, your higher self or whatever term/energy field with which you resonate. Open yourself to feel. Breathe in all of the Love and peace from this higher realm and receive. And then from the Love in your heart, you share Love in your exhale.

One breath, one minute, one hour, one day…no matter…always available and always potent.

In order to be Love and share Love, we must know what Love is. Not Halmark card love, I'm taking about Universal Love, Creator Love, God Love...there are no words to describe this kind of Love. It has to be learned by feeling and experience.  Breathing in Love and breathing out Love helps one remember and embody ‘the feeling’…embody unbounded Love.

Knowing this Love and knowing how to connect with it is a gift beyond measure. It literally opens the floodgates to receive and share Love from infinite source.

What does this look like in my life? Every time I become aware of it, I breathe in Love and I breathe out Love. At some point in doing this, I realized and owned that my cup was full and it is ALWAYS full. This gives the opportunity not only to share, but also to receive fully. We can't share from an empty cup.

Sometimes I send Love out to a particular person, place, thing. Other times I send Love out with the intention to share Love will all beings in all universes. If I have created a conundrum for myself, I energetically send Love to the conundrum (and wow, have incredible things have unfolded). When I don’t know what to ‘do’, I breathe in Love and breathe out Love to remember the Love, connection, and infinite potential. When I yearn for connection, I just breathe.

Truly we have this breathing conversation with the plants and trees everyday. May I encourage you to have an energetic breathing Love conversation with a plant or a tree? Oh how they Devas appreciate this (and If you can allow it, it has the potential to feel simply orgasmic!).

In a world of the material, never underestimate the power of the energetic. The energetic can ‘do’ more work that you ever imagined possible.

Love is within. Change is within. I know the most powerful and potent work that we do is energetically. Every thought form and feeling creates a ripple of energy that resonates throughout the cosmos. Please have the utmost intention and attention to what you put out there. Nothing is hidden in the energetic realm.

Breathe in Love, breathe out Love.

If you desire support in quieting and connecting to that ‘so much more’, there are several Devas that you might desire to become friends with: Tansy common, Tansy blue, Palo santo, Buddha wood, Cypress blue, Champaca, Spikenard, and Angelica root.

My best to each and every one of you. Breathing Love to you all!

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