Rainbows, pots of gold, & flying unicorns

Rainbows, pots of gold, & flying unicorns

November 20, 2019

When I was 25, I cut my hair off with a pair of artist’s scissors, pierced my eyebrow, and painted ‘? Reality’ with white paint across my favorite t-shirt. I had recently graduated from art & design school and for some reason that explosion ‘of needing to express myself in a new way’ came afterwards instead of during.

Luckily the hair grew back. The eyebrow ring didn't last long as my body made it loud and clear it did not desire to be pierced.

However, the ‘? Reality’ part was the beginning of what appears will be a lifelong chapter.

Your reality is whatever you choose to experience on both a conscious and unconscious level. I will say that again: your reality is whatever you choose to experience on both a conscious and unconscious level.

Our thoughts, words, and energy attract what we desire to experience into our lives. And when I say ‘desire to experience’ that doesn’t necessary mean all rainbows, pots of gold, and flying unicorns.

Actually, there are a whole lot of people that believe that they must suffer, or they even deserve to suffer.

This is where you may desire to ask yourself, 'On some level, do I feel like I need to or deserve to suffer?'.

This is a mindset, a programming. Cultural norms and religion are a few examples that participate in driving this home…original sin, sinner, hell, karma, etc.

Next question, 'Do I feel like I have to do ‘something/everything’ to be worthy of…?'. (A very timely question to ask yourself before the artificial insanity insemination of the ‘holiday season’.)

This is the self love piece and it also has direct connection to the suffering piece.

True self love completely banishes the need to create suffering for one’s self (and then outward to others). In self love, you just feel wonderfully about being the love that you really are…with no extra circular activities needed.

Have you ever spent time weeding? When you first set out in a weedy garden bed, it takes a whole lot of effort to tidy it up. However, when you give it regular and focused attention, the job becomes easier and easier because there is simply less to do.

Note to the plants and trees: my apologies in the limitations of the English language in me labeling any of you as ‘weeds’.

The same goes for tidying up our ‘beds’ of manifestations and self love. Get really aware of YOU. Question your own reality. How do YOU feel? Surround yourself with others (no need to limit yourself to the human realm) that are aware/awake and inspire you to be more aware/awake. Commit to growing if you choose. No one is looking for perfect, we are already perfect.

In my journey, being really really honest with myself has been the key to my own door. Some stuff is downright hard to look at without flinching. Triggers or memories that make me disproportionately emotional are really fertile places for me to look for 'weeds' (per se) in my own self love.

I desire to create the grandest experience of the highest version of myself I can possibly conger up. There is enough suffering in this world. As an individual and part of the collective, we all have the power to redirect the energy we held hostage (in our own delusional lack of self worth and suffering mentality) into love. Every little bit counts…contribute to LOVE.

The essential oils (essences) that originate from the flowers are huge support in exploring deeper self love. Follow you heart here...the appropriate flower for your journey will call to your heart.

Essential oils like cypress, cedar leaf thuja, and mugwort are great for helping move out that which you are ready to let go.

And hyssop is always sweet to have in the process as she is about self forgiveness. Often she lends her support both before and after the 'letting go'.

Sending you each vibrations of grace, courage, and LOVE!

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