January 01, 2020

Have you done your history homework on why January 1 is the start of the New Year? Firstly because Julius Caesar 'said so' in 46 BC, and then Pope Gregory XIII ‘said so again' about 1600 years later.

I will keep my rant about putting so much emphasis on days other humans have told us ‘we should celebrate’ to a bare minimum and instead turn it to positive inquiry: EVERY day is important. Every day we should seek to embody more love, awareness, kindness, and gratitude.

We are programmed with the idea that on January first, we should wake up anew and be able to manifest all of the inner work we haven’t quite been able to pull off up to now. We have a collective, man-made reason to forgive ourselves (or not) for the places that we feel we have fallen short in the last 365 days…it is a new year after all…and this year I will do better...I will change. Right?

I’m calling bullshit on all of it.

This whole journey is about self love. It doesn’t matter what day it is. It doesn’t matter what someone else says. And truly it doesn’t even matter what you ‘think’ of yourself.

Every single moment we have the ability for self inquiry and to shift if we choose. To the deepest of your feeling and remembering, allow your heart to be your working compass.

Think and feel for yourself. Don’t take someone’s definition of what love is for you. No words can ever define the love I am talking about. The only way this love can be understood is by feeling it in the depths of your heart and embracing your intuitive knowing (even when 'your mind' labels you as 'insane').

A few misconceptions I have had to unravel for myself between the ‘Hallmark card love’ I once thought was real love, and ‘real love’:
  • It’s ok to look out for yourself first. An empty cup doesn’t have anything to pour into someone else’s cup.
  • Love is not a doormat. Love has a voice.
  • Idiotic compassion doesn’t serve. It actually causes more suffering for all involved.
  • Not speaking your heart’s truth doesn’t help anyone - especially you.
  • Whether you are liked or disliked by other humans doesn’t have a bit to do with the love from which you came, the love that you inherently are, and the love to which you will go Home.

Every single moment, it is my intention to remember, embody, and share more love. While I do my best, things don’t always turn out the way I ‘think’ they might (or 'think' they should).

What I can say for sure is that in my lifelong search for truth, the only answer I have ever found is: always always always follow your heart and let love to be the root of every thought, desire, action, and intention.

May we all BE the BEing we most desire to BE, every day.

And...if you are desiring some massive support from the plants and tress in the love department, I would highly suggest making friends with the flowers.

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