To: You. Love, Me.

To: You. Love, Me.

March 13, 2020

Take a deep breath.
Yes, it appears that shit is hitting the fan.
We can (and do) choose how we react.

The media wants us to be as scared as possible.
Humans are easier to control when they are in fear.
Read this again: humans don’t think for themselves, nor think rationally when they are in fear.
We live in an age where any and every kind of imagery can be created digitally to support a story-line.
Have you seen a movie lately that is lacking in convincing imagery?
The MSM (main stream media) flaunts itself like a Broadway showstopper.
Chose wisely to that which you decide to buy a ticket.

We always have choices.
We always, always have choices in what we choose to believe and how we choose to BE.
We are in massive flux of change.
We are on the see-saw…right on the brink of a collective shift into higher love and higher consciousness.
Every time you do fear, you jump onto that side.
Every time you do love, it helps tip everything to love.

What do you want?
What do you really want?
Who do you desire to be?
To what do you desire your energy field to contribute?

We have never had more of a choice than right in this very moment to make a change.
Follow your heart.
Remember to remember your cosmic and heavenly origins.
Just because you chose to incarnate on earth, does not mean that you lost your 'magic powers'.
We all still have it. Every single one of us.
It is called LOVE.

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