Raw Emotion

Raw Emotion

September 19, 2019

For those of you that don’t know me personally, along with medicinal aromatherapy, I am a graphic designer and own the graphic design studio: studiokerr.com. Yesterday, wearing a pink mohawk, I gave a talk to a group of business owners on ‘the potency of visual communication’...

First intention: highlight awareness of connecting the dots between what is seen, what is felt and the action that comes from this stimuli. Second intention: addressing individual responsibility in what they (we) share with the world.

In the span of 3 minutes, I showed the participants 12 images. They ranged from abstract to heavy symbolism. I asked each person to privately write down the first, immediate emotion he/she had when they saw the image.

No one desired to share. The initial raw emotion we have to stimuli is very vulnerable… which translates to, 'Pay attention: this is rich and valuable information'. Slow down that domino effect. Pause the frame at the raw emotion before it moves into thought and subsequently into action.

Do you have the curiosity and the courage to lovingly inquire directly into the emotion before the ‘Auto Pilot Shit Show’ starts unfolding? Raw emotions (minus the story) are one of the potent portals through which we can manifest expansive change within ourselves. It is not the action you must change, it is what precedes the action that must change.

Feel. Feel from a place you can’t touch with your conscious mind. Trust in your self and in the ‘unseen’ help you have all around you to transform anything you desire. This does not require any ‘doing’. Looking, openness and whole-heart desire know exactly what to do.

In human form, we are inevitably a product of the stimuli we have chosen to receive and take in during our life. You are not powerless to this. You are not a puppet. Just because you chose something ‘then’ does not mean you have to choose the same thing ‘now’.

You have full permission to change and to grow. Question anyone (especially your own mind) that tells you should stay the same or that you 'can't'.

Whatever you think you can do, you can.

You may not know how that will unfold, but if it is what you truly desire, DO NOT GIVE UP. Massive personal break throughs come at the most unexpected of times.  It may take you 40 years…but hey, who’s counting?!?

You’ve got this!

Courage: Laurel Leaf Essential Essence
Heart opening: Lavender Stochas Essential Essence
Passion for your path: Spruce Red Essential Essence
Quietness of mind: Champaca Essential Essence
Heart support: Sughanda Kokila Essential Essence

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