Are Essential Essences and Essential Oils the same thing?

February 08, 2018

YES, however…
'essential oil' is a slang term. An 'oil' stays greasy on the skin and takes a long time to absorb. An essential essence is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream in a matter of seconds + is not 'oily' on the skin.

The plants and trees are conscious. When we use an essential essence, we are not communing with 'just a part' of them or an 'oil' from them. The plants and trees are sharing their WHOLE being and complete 'essence' with us.

In a pure and natural essential essence, nothing is taken away and nothing is added. It is not a 'part' or diluted, it is the entirety of the quintessence of the plant or tree.

Further points to ponder between essence and oil:
  • You do not press an oil out of a branch, the heartwood of a tree, a blossom, etc. You do press a nut or a seed to obtain an oil.
  • But, aren’t there seed essential essences? Yes, however these are steam distilled, not pressed. I encourage you to have an experience with someone like dill seed essential essence and raspberry seed oil and let me know how it goes.
  • The percentage of absorption through the skin of an essential essence is lessened because evaporation. Have you ever heard of such a thing for an oil that you place onto your skin?

As humans, we can get really sloppy in our language. It is very important that we are as clear and accurate as possible in all areas of our speech, as it is one of the main forms of communication between humans.

I have basically thrown my search engine word optimization of this website out of the window because of this one point: 'essence or oil'. Most would ask me, “Why not just call them essential oils and be done with it?”. Because that is not who or what they are. Nor is it who I am.

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