February 28, 2020

EMF (electromagnetic fields) from our ‘modern day’ technology are inevitable. Everything is energy and moving in a wavelike pattern. Most simply put, Gaia and the human body naturally operate on a different frequency (longer wavelengths) than technology creations like cell phones, wifi, microwaves, x-rays, etc. (short wavelengths).

We are not immune to any energy, in any way. We take on a little (or a lot) of that with which we surround ourselves. However we do have a choice of what/how much we expose ourselves to and whether we hold it, transmute it, and/or clear it totally from our field.

When we spend a lot of time surrounded by our modern amenities and work necessities, the short racy wavelengths impose on our natural long graceful wavelengths. Hence why feelings of irritability, moodiness, lack of focus, ‘fried’, etc. can be an experience after time in front of the computer or a long cell phone call.

Gaia is able to transmute this  short ‘messy’ energy in a natural way and extraordinarily well. Her vibration is calm, steady, and so grounded in love. When we go outside and put our feet on the ground (preferably barefoot), breathe, receive, and tune into her (Gaia), our energy wave lengths lengthen and come back into frequency with her (and our) natural rhythm. And we feel better.

The plants and trees of course also have a long wavelength frequency and are always living ‘barefoot’ on Gaia. When the plants and trees transition into essential oils, they retain their consciousness and frequency (when handled with love).

Wearing an essential oil/oils supports your body in emphasizing the long wavelengths because these wavelengths are the natural structure of the plants and trees, Gaia, and humans. The plants and trees don’t come into our field to change us, they offer us support on our journey.

The following is based on my personal experience and I feel well qualified to speak on it since I spend most of my work week in front of a computer as a graphic designer.

The stronger your immune system is on a whole, the more tolerance you can have to short waved EMFs. When you are strong (your frequency is solid and steady) the more it is going to take to get you out of your groove. That goes for EMFs, emotions, dis-ease, sickness, etc. also.

The immune system is our only physical healer. The very best thing we can do for ourselves is support it in every way we can (physically, emotionally and spiritually). Forgive me for harping - engage with as many pure, whole plants and trees as you can (responsibly): essential oil form, herbal form, and food form as they are the ‘original medicine’.

Negative thoughts are beyond harmful to the immune system. They literally tear you down from the inside out. Practice self love. Expand in self love. Be and example of love within yourself and then out to the world.

Back to the short wavelength EMF focus…I have found several specific Devas helpful to wear when working in front of the computer: Niaoli MQV, Nerolina, Rosemary Hi-camphor, Coriander Seed, Pine Scotch, and Frankincense are my personal favorites.

Niaoli MQV and Nerolina are both part of the Melaleuca (Tea Tree) family and feel to be very very apt in working with EMFs. Rosemary Hi-camphor can perk me up when I am in a long stretch in front of the computer. Coriander Seed I like to put on in the morning as she has a slow and steady transmuting personality. Pine Scotch is good for overwhelm and she is really helpful when you have hit, well, the overwhelm point. And Frankincense is a tree that grows very slowly in what most of us would consider ‘harsh conditions’ (Wisdom of the Earth Frankincense is sourced from Somalia). She is like a slow steady drum beat that can just ‘bring you back’.

For those of you that work in an office setting and need to be 'scent sensitive' you can always apply to the bottom of your feet and then put on your socks and shoes.

Something else I have observed is pointed tipped plants have no problem being near and around wifi and can help dissipate that harsh energy field. They seem to be up for the challenge. I have a potted bromeliad next to the wifi router (because she volunteered) and several pointed succulents on and around my desk.

I also have crystals on and around my desk as they hold/emit beautiful vibrations of long wavelength energy, literally bringing Gaia inside and deeply complimenting the plant and tree energies.

We are living in carbon based bodies that are made from the materials of Gaia. Our physical sustenance comes from Gaia every single moment, from breath to food. We even are built to have to have sunlight to flourish (aka: we must go outside and spend time there).

We now live in a world that has us indoors within manipulated energy fields, A LOT. You can either chose to be scared of that or do your best to support your body to ‘stay in it’s lane’ by making conscious and loving choices for yourself, bringing the outside in with plants and trees (in essential oil form, potted plants, etc.) and crystals and rocks, open the windows, and of course the most obvious, spend time in nature with a conscious intention ‘to connect’.

Simply put: grow into and practice as much self love as you possibly can, and engage in many creative ways to remind your body of your connection/commune with the rhythm Gaia.

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