November 18, 2018

All I could see this morning on my desk was the yellow cover of my notebook with the golden letters spelling out:
–find your happy–

Your happy. Your heart happy.

The other side of the notebook should say:
–live your happy–

The word ‘happy’ is weighted with all kinds of connotations and ideas, but the ‘happy’ I am referring to is a feeling within… akin to wondering how your heart can possibly fit in your chest because you are so full of joy and love…

To not be able to find/tap into ‘your happy’ can feel frustrating and confusing.
But, to know ‘your happy’ and then to chose not to live it, is utter suffocation of heart and soul.

What if ‘your happy‘ looks different from everyone around you? What if you find that few can understand or relate to ‘your happy’?
Love it and live it anyway.

But the biggest question…
What if you cannot even rationalize ‘your happy’ to yourself?
Ahhhhh, now this is when you know you have found ‘true happy’ because the mind doesn’t have the feeling capacity to comprehend something so extraordinary! Only the heart can do that!

Have the courage to always follow your heart. Have the courage to live ‘your happy’, for it is as unique, precious, individual, and magnificent as you!


Kirsten Klaus is a certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist and is available for consultations – pairing people with plants via single pure essences to support your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

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