June 04, 2020

Foundations of working with medicinal aromatherapy:


  1. All of the plant and tree essences are here to love and support us. They do not resonate with dualistic reality, they only do love.

  2. You can’t choose the ‘wrong’ essence. Every single, pure essence is conscious, balanced, and intelligent to work within your BE-ing in exactly the perfect way.
    Side note: if you really desire to do your personal ‘work’, the essences that are least appealing to your scent liking are usually the ones that are needed the most because you are out of frequency with those. Remember, the plants and trees are only in the love frequency.

  3. Being able to hear and acknowledge what trees/plants you are drawn to is more important than knowing exactly what ‘they’ are ‘known’ to 'do'. No human will every know exactly ‘what they do’. The plants and trees are far more intelligent and complex than the human mind could ever comprehend. Our heart though, is a completely different story.

  4. Single, pure essences work with our physical, emotional, and spiritual planes simultaneously. I cannot stress the magic and importance of this enough.

  5. The only way to get to know and trust the plants and trees is to use them and participate in relationship with them. The plants and trees are conscious and remain conscious even after being distilled into essences. If you can’t wrap your head around that, tune into your own heart knowing.

  6. Whether you only clean your windows with Lime Mexican or (like me) you utterly fall head over heels in love with the plants and trees and walk around with so many essences in your bloodstream it seems impossible not to sprout leaves…rest assured…you are being blessed by them. The plants and trees have no judgement. They are willing to meet you wherever you desire to be met. If you need help or support, just ask.

  7. Trust yourself. Your intuition and guidance from your Higher Self is the map and compass you get with a physical body. Always seek your own truth and only keep what resonates with your own Heart. You were, are, and always will be a magnificent sovereign being of Divine Love. Own it.

All for love, Kirsten


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