How to apply skin sensitive essential essences

August 10, 2020

Skin Sensitive Essential Essences (aka. essential oils) should not detour you as they offer so much healing support. Let's get educated on how to use them...

The Basics

A pure, single essential essence that is labeled as ‘skin sensitive’ can still be applied ‘neat’ (without a carrier oil) by a process called layering or applying the bottoms of the feet.

Why not use a carrier oil? My question to you, ‘Why would you desire to dilute of the most balanced and potent plant medicine when you don’t need to?

General Adult Usage suggestion: 8-10 drops per pure, single essential essence, undiluted or ‘neat’.

The simplest way

Put 5 drops of the skin sensitive essence on the bottom of each foot. Rub your feet together (if you can) and then carefully put socks over your feet. If you need to use your hands to rub in the essential essence before you put socks on, wipe your hands afterward with an oil (coconut, olive, etc.). Do not wash with water. Water pushes the essences into the skin, oil dilutes them.

Applying with a Layering

Think of it this way, you are making a sandwich. Let’s call the middle of the sandwich (the skin sensitive essence) the mustard. You don’t want the mustard squirting out of the sides from your two pieces of bread.

  1. Drip (about 8-10 drops for an adult) of gentle essential essence directly onto the area on your body you desire to work with and spread out the drops with your hand. It is always good to get as close to the area you are focusing to support within the realms of common sense (ex. digestive issues: stomach application, lower back pain: lower back application…).
  2. Next place drops of the skin sensitive essential essence WITHIN the area of the first layer and distribute with your hand. Do NOT go outside of the edges of the first essential essence you applied.
  3. Lastly, place the drops of another gentle essential essence directly on top of the other two and spread with your hand to the edges of the perimeter of the first layer.

What are essential essences that are gentle on the skin?

Everyone is unique. I always suggest doing a test patch. To test the essential essence on your skin, place one or 2 drops on the underside of your forearm and wait a day to see what happens. If your skin feels great, you’re good to go with that particular essential essence. If the skin gets red or itchy, you need to use the layering technique for that particular essential essence.

With that being said: vetiver essential essence is one of the most skin gentle essential essences for most. I use it straight on my face if that tells you anything. Vetiver is a great essential essence to put down first in the layering process, especially if you are just beginning and learning how to work with pure single essence essences and how your individual body flows with them. You can also use her as the top layer too!

Some other very skin gentle essences are: amyris essential essence, balsam copabia essential essence, fragonia essential essence, helichrysum immortelle/italicum essential essences, kanuka essential essence, manuka essential essence and sandalwood essential essences.

A lot of people can use the majority of the lavender, spruce, pine, and fir families as a first layer also, however always do a test patch on the underside of your forearm to make sure that is going to work for you.

Different parts of your body will be more sensitive and tolerant than others. For example, your knees might be just fine with basil holy (without layering), but it might burn if you put her directly on your stomach…as that skin is usually more sensitive. If you have hair, a lot of times you can use most skin sensitive essential essences on the back side of the crown of your head, but not the really hot ones.

Types of skin sensitive essential essences

If not layered or used on the bottom of your feet, skin sensitive essential essences can make your skin feel dry, burning, or cause irritation. Please do not fear though, the purpose of this is to teach you how to use them. All of the common skin sensitive essences are labeled as so in the product descriptions. Once you have your bottle of essential essence, you will also find it on the back of the label in the block of text, after ‘Quality’ you will see the abbreviation ‘SS’, meaning skin sensitive.

Photosensitive: This means if you put these essential essences on and go out in the sun, you have to potential to get sun burned (even if you layer them). If you are going to be out in the sun while you are wearing these essences, either put them on the bottoms of your feet or somewhere the ‘sun don’t shine”.

All of the citrus essences made from the peel are photosensitive (lemon cedro, lime Mexican, tangerine, bergamont, mandarin, orange, etc.).

Hot Essential Essences: These Devas are HOT…really hot on the skin and for good reason: they heat up the body and the chi and in a sense ‘burn out’ what is out of balance. These hot essences are highly antibacterial, anti viral, and a few are anti fungal too. Use with mindfulness.

I suggest applying to the bottoms of your feet and putting socks on until you get to know them and become more comfortable in working with them via layering. There is no substitution for what these hot essential essences can help accomplish in the body to bring us back into balance when ‘infection’ is happening or a near possibility.

Really, really Hot Essential Essences: Ajowan, Cinnamon Bark, Oregano True, Savory Mountain, Thyme Red, Thyme Spike.

In Summary

When you know how to work with skin sensitive essential essences, their healing ability is immense! Use either on the soles of your feet with socks or in the layering technique. If something starts burning on your skin or hands, use a nut or seed oil to dilute. Do not use water to wash it off, it will intensify the feelings.

Last Note: “Omg…I got an essential essence in my eye and I’m frecking out”

The Devas are not going to harm you. If you accidentally get a pure essential essence in your eye (usually by accidently touching your eye shortly thereafter applying them some other place on your body), do not fear.

I have personally had the experience of having clove bud drip into my eye rolling from the crown of my head. Clients have also reported getting cinnamon bark and oregano true in their eyes…and while it was certainly unpleasant, there was no harm done to any of us.

If this should happen, put a nut/seed oil on a tissue, close your eye and gently, wipe your lid periodically to help dilute.

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