May 01, 2020

When a cup is full
There is no space
For opportunity

I say
In the broadest sense

Expansion of ideas
New creations
Fertile ground for…

I easily forget
All of my best ideas
Come from ‘empty’

A strict meditation practice
Not necessary
To empty your cup

Need emptying
VERY often

Tie the ‘empty’ awareness
To something you do
Multiple times a day

‘Peeing’ has always
Been a good one
For me.

Empty bladder
Empty Head
Space created

Ready now
To fill my cup
With divine inspiration.

Every single, pure essential oil supports creating good boundaries for incessant head chatter. However, specifically: the age-old traditions like frankincense, spikenard and sandalwood, as well as elemi, amyris, and hyssop are quite magical!

Frankincense essential oil is so famous and so known for a reason. She is a master of ferreting out low frequency of all kinds, in all places in the physical, spiritual and emotional realms. She is willing to be of assistance with almost anything you truly desire to heal. She also creates a most magical pathway between here and the cosmos…like a Divine inspiration ‘high’way.

Spikenard essential oil is intricately connected with the cosmic realms and the physical and emotional heart. Let me reiterate, she is a massive supporter of the Heart. She helps promote dreaming and dream retention. She is also known for her connection with Mary Magdalene energy. The more we can stay in our hearts, the more love, bliss, and contentment we get to experience.

Sandalwood essential oil is a nurturing healer. She is very soft and invites us to BE in our body and to embrace our body as a vehicle to experience more of the vast magnificence of who we really are. Sandalwood can help reconnect us with our sexuality and help re-establish our relationship with the higher realms via this avenue. We have three pure sandalwood essential oils to choose from: Yasi (Fiji), Sandalwood Australia, Alba/White (India). As always, listen to your heart for guidance which Deva desires to work with you and vise versa.

Elemi is a sister to Frankincense and to me is more feminine than Frankincense. Perhaps some of this can be shared through her personality to grow in milder conditions in comparison to harsh desert scape that Frankincense thrives. If Elemi essential oil calls to you, she offers the invitation of a journey. Much like Frankincense, she works with the ‘whole picture’ of ‘you’.

Amyris essential oil is a sister to Sandalwood and lives on the other side of the world from her (Sandalwood is from India/Fiji/Australia and Amyris is from the Caribbean). Different areas on Gaia translate to different energies of the plants/trees who grow there. Amyris has such a watery softness about her. When I feel myself in a place where ‘so much is going on’ that I feel that I have actually created an unbalanced heat within my being, amyris cools and soothes me back to peace. I find her amazing to help find sleep when you are having a ‘heady’ night.

Hyssop essential oil really desires to help us realize self forgiveness. Different layers of the onion in our ascension process are arising all of the time. Without the ability to find forgiveness within your self, you will stay stuck in that rut until you do. Hyssop is such a dear as we are all so perfect, yet sometimes it doesn’t appear to translate on the earth plane that way.

Allow the plants and trees to support you. It can be an incredible life changing experience if you choose.

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