June 19, 2018

Despite the multitude of human interactions one will experience in a lifetime, true friends in human form are far and few between. I feel beyond grateful to have a small handful in which I know I can trust my life.

Who are these people in your life?

Have you thanked them lately? Have you shared with them how precious their friendship is to you… how grateful you are for them?

Have you ever considered taking the time to initiate an intimate friendship with the plants and the trees?

Plants and trees operate on a completely different frequency than humans. They may not speak in voice, but they speak in heart.

Have you ever met a flower that refused to share her beauty?

Have you ever found a plant that wouldn’t listen?

Have you ever visited a tree that denied you her trunk to lean upon?

The plants and trees only know love. It simply wouldn’t occur to a flower to withhold her elegance. The idea of it does not exist in her scope of reference.

It is one of the plants and trees great teachings to us– how to live in unconditional love. They teach by example. Look closely. Look at what they are willing to share with us. Even if you ‘think’ you cannot ‘hear’ them speaking, sit quietly under a tree for 15 minutes and feel how you shift.

Wouldn’t that be a nice trait to exhibit as a human? To be living in so much LOVE that someone could come into your field for 15 minutes and experience similar shift as they did with the tree?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we never withheld love or beauty from another?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could love as unconditionally as the plants and trees do?

Allow them to be the teachers that they are. They offer themselves to us in so many forms. No matter what form, they are always teaching love.

How much time can you spend with these great teachers?

The plants and trees gift us their essences. This allows us to spend lots and lots of time with them if we chose, even in our busy lives.

When the essences are on, in, and/or around our bodies, they are teaching us and helping us to remember love.

Today I danced with cardamom green and ylang ylang. I was working through a deep heart matter beneath the 3D obligations of my day.

The intoxication of their scents soothed my soul. Their wisdom and love imparted within every cell of my BEing. I was gifted with a calmness, a broader perspective, and guidance of how to move forward.

Cardamom green and ylang ylang both grow in tropical climates. They spend their entire lives surrounded by warmth. They become one with the sun on all of the days it shines. They speak and commune with Gaia from their very conception. At night, they become the heavens as starlight dances upon their leaves.

All of this wisdom, trust, perfection, and love paired with their individual and unique personalities is transmitted into my being, even while I am engaged in all of my daily responsibilities…

Wow! What a gift! Thank you my friends!!! I am SO GRATEFUL!!!


Kirsten Klaus is a certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist and is available for consultations – pairing people with plants via single pure essences to support your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

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