Science, Healing, and Medicinal Aromatherapy

Science, Healing, and Medicinal Aromatherapy

December 18, 2019

You can have all of the scientific evidence in the world, however if it can’t be backed up with actual experience, then it is meaningless. The ancient art of medicinal aromatherapy is based on thoughts, feelings, and experience.

Remember, we are working with Conscious Beings (the plants and trees), and as humans, we must honor their ways of communication as much as we honor our human language. Like any Conscious Being (take yourself for example), often you do something unexpected and/or miraculous that ‘science’ and even patterning could never predict.

When we work with the plants and trees in their pure forms, we are working with Beings that only know and do LOVE. So in participating with them (in pure forms with common sense), I have always, always felt completely safe…even if an experience didn’t quite turn out the way ‘I’ had planned. Experience has been and continues to be such a potent education for me in working with the plants and trees.

Essential essences (aka essential oils) and herbs are seamlessly integrated in my daily life. They are a massive part of my physical, emotional, and spiritual support system. I often don’t realize how saturated my life is with the Devas until I pack for a trip or work with an ailment that arises (that I used to feel rather powerless to work with myself).

I woke up with the beginning of a sty on my eyelid yesterday morning. In flying above myself and watching how I effortlessly proceeded, it inspired me to write this blog to share my process in hopes that can benefit you in your process in some way.

I learned years ago from a talk by herbalist Rosemary Galdstar that she had experienced that styes are connected to liver function. All of the seed essential essences (essential oils) of culinary herbs are powerhouses for supporting liver function. When you look at a sty in the metaphorical, it is a clogged drain.

When I tuned into my heart and asked the plants and trees what to use for this situation, the message was: parsley seed essential essence applied topically over my liver. Sure enough, it worked like a charm (thank you plants and trees!). And continues to do so when this situation arises (though I always do take a pause for new insight before reaching for my habitual remedy). Yesterday, with one application (8-10 drops) of parsley seed essential oil over my liver at noon the sty was completely gone.

Cured and complete? Not yet…this is where the personal responsibility must really be honored. The body gave me a physical symptom to put my attention towards an area that needs attention. If I don’t follow up with this spiritually, emotionally, and physically, then I am not doing my due-diligence.

Let’s look at the liver symbolically: it is a massive filter… especially of the blood coming from the digestive tract.
  • Physically: what herbs, essences, foods, and liquids will I focus on to support the liver in the next few days?
  • Emotionally: is there something happening in my life that I have not been able to digest thoroughly or not been willing to filter out and let go of?
  • Spiritually: am I in balance with all of the new energies coming in and allowing myself to effortless integrate by releasing the old to make room for the new?

I can’t stress enough how important self awareness is in keeping yourself ‘well' on all dimensions. We constantly get cues from our body (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) that give suggestions of how we need to align. The time it takes you to become aware something and start addressing it often parallels your healing/realignment time.

Save yourself some suffering...start working with the cues immediately, as soon as you feel them…even if it is still in the form of an intuition.

If you are feeling like you are ‘starting’ to come down with a cold, you don’t need to allow yourself to actually get sick to prove your intuition was correct. You have permission to rest as much as you need, to say ‘no’ to that which feels like too much, and to take time for yourself without the ‘reason’ of being sick if you choose.

The more we realize and embrace our own self love, the fewer scapegoats we need as ‘reasons’ to honor our own needs, balance, and flow.

I understand that many people desire to use plant medicine, yet they do not have the motivation or interest to dive deeply into self study and that is perfectly ok. We all came to Gaia with our own unique missions. I know one of my ‘missions’ is to act as a bridge between the plants and trees and humans. I do this through speaking, writing blogs, and for individual needs - personal consultations.

Whenever you forge out into the world of plant medicine looking for guidance, my advice to you is whomever you chose to put your trust in, make sure they they live and breathe the plants and trees in their daily. It is the accumulation of years of everyday experience (both personally and with clients/community), plus an open line of communication directly with the plants and trees that is foundational in sharing and continuing this incredible, ancient healing art.

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