Stepping UP

Stepping UP

April 23, 2019

Only looking outward from the body we have chosen to inhabit can quickly become stifling, exhausting, limiting…

Where do we get a break, a fresh perspective?

My head was so full of thought Friday, I felt like there was a hamster in there jacked up on espresso with a case of the runs. When I finally decided “enough”, I stepped out and up (above my body and my mind) to watch the show.

Instant relief…peace…and a sense of detachment to what 2 seconds before had seem “so important”.

I find tremendous solace in viewing myself from outside of my body. When I am walking in the woods, I can both be doing the walking and above myself watching myself walk. I can be fully present making dinner but also be outside of myself, watching myself cook.

When I am observing myself, I am shifting my energy to more consciously commune with my higher self, my soul. The “watcher” (as it is often called in meditation) is pure Love. She knows no stress, no frustration, no impatience. Her love and peace is so prevailing, just becoming aware of her presence is a soothing balm for whatever is being experienced within the physical body.

I feel at some point, most of us have experienced this bi-locating phenomenon. Unfortunately many experience ‘the watcher” in a dramatic or painful event. But it absolutely does not have to be sourced from suffering. It can be sourced any time one chooses because it is YOU.

We are all a bigger energy and a bigger love than we could ever fathom. We can cultivate the broadening of our loving self perspective (which simultaneously broadens our worldly and other-worldly perspectives) by stepping out and taking a bird’s eye view.

Do we choose to acknowledge and grow our remembering of how much more we are than the reality we experience in a 3D body?

Can you step out, up, and above while still embodying your body? What does it feel like when you do? Can taking this kind of breather help you to better navigate the duality of 3D reality in Love?

All of the plants and trees can help us cultivate the remembering of ‘so much more’. Essential essences/oils do not alter or numb our consciousness, they help us cultivate it. Devas like pine white, pine pinion, spruce white, fir white, Buddha wood, fir grand, spruce sitka can assist in keeping one grounded in the body, but also open up our awareness of the of higher realms as we learn and deepen our experience of being conscious of BE-ing 2 (or more) places at one time.

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