July 13, 2020

1: 'The Germ Theory' assumption

Yes, you read that correctly, 'the germ theory'. Most of us have been inundated our entire life that it is ‘fact’ that the germ is malicious, out to get us, and is the cause of sickness. It has been so much a part of our culture that perhaps we didn’t even realize we needed to question 'the germ theory'. This ‘theory’ also happens to be one of the foundations for the Western medical system.

The germ theory was/is based on the assumption that 'disease' germs are specific and not changeable in their biological structure and chemical characteristics. Most simply put…a specific germ invades your body and causes a particular disease within your body. End of story.

Louis Pasteur made the germ theory popular even though it was not his own. His political connections and the current theme of the political climate helped support him in winning popularity of ‘his’ theory over his colleague, Claude Bernard (whom vehemently disagreed with ‘the germ theory’).

What is little spoken is Pasteur actually discredited ‘his’ theory before he died. However…the germ theory lives on…even down to the majority exchange of everyday handshakes.

And why? Why after Pasteur himself admits that the theory is flawed and then numerous scientists go on to discredit the theory…how come it was never debunked and is still taught, obeyed, and ‘hidden’ from the majority of public view?

It’s call big money (Big Pharma) and control. Pharmaceuticals rely on the principle that one germ causes one disease. They claim: this drug will kill germ X that gives you X disease…this vaccine serum will put germ Y in your body so you build immunity to Y and don’t ever get Y disease.

Control over you is dependent on keeping you in fear. In this case, the 'fear porn' used is that there is something ‘out there’ that is going to ‘get’ you. It is simply amazing how willing many people are to give up their personal freedoms to ‘think’ they are ‘safe’.

Do you have any idea how much money is at stake for big Pharma and power mongrels (that exercise control via fear) to keep “the germ theory” alive? Billions+++…

This absolute single-minded focus on ‘the germ’ in the germ theory never takes into account the interaction that must occur between ‘a human’ and ‘a germ’ which is really just a microbe. (It’s akin to and as ludicrous to labeling certain plants in the yard as weeds.) The ‘germ’ theory also enables people to take zero responsibility for his/her own health if they choose. ‘Blame it on ‘germ’….be terrified of the ‘germ’… “(sarcasm).

2: 'The Germ Theory' is false

Pasteur himself found that microbial species can transform themselves…that a pneumonia germ (coccus) can turn into another bacillus (typhoid germ) and then back again.

In 1914, E. C. Rosenow, M.D proved it again with the transformation between streptococci (pus germs) and pneumococci (pneumonia germs) by changing the environment and the food of the microbe. (Journal of Infectious Diseases, 1914. Vol. 14).

Dr. Rene J. Dubos (bacteriologist & winner of the 1968 Pulitzer Prize) contradicted the germ theory again by showing that the pathogen’s/microbe's ability to infect/damage a host of microbial species is variable.

And recently in 2017, Dr. Stefan Lanka (German molecular biologist and virologist) won his case in the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) supporting that no one had been able to scientifically prove that a measles virus existed.

In summary: germs shape-shift depending on the environment. And they shape shift in response to your own body, not out of a malicious consciousness to destroy you.

The proliferation of bacteria and viruses within the body are a result of dis-ease. When the body is overwhelmed by toxicity (whether from internal or external sources), it creates a favorable environment to invite in and grow the bacteria or virus that can clean up the particular flavor of toxic waste that is overwhelming the body at that time.

Bacteria only feast on dead material. A virus is a basic building block of life. And also worth noting, a virus cannot be replicated in your body without the explicit permission of your cell.

While microbes are in the midst of a big clean-up, you feel ‘sick’. There are lots of ways that a body will work with the ‘microbe clean-up team’ to assist in the excretion of toxins (sweating, throwing up, diarrhea, coughing flim, snot…). When the microbes get done cleaning up the majority of your mess, they stop proliferating and begin to go back into balance, and even shift their form…which makes you feel better.

3: Your immune system is your health

Nothing outside of YOU determines whether or not you are going to get sick. There is no boogieman hunting you down with your name on the hit list. Your immune system is THE determining factor in whether or not you get sick.

The idea that someone else can get you sick is completely ludicrous. The conditions to ‘get sick’ must be within your own body and the experience of ‘being sick’ are viruses and bacteria proliferating (that your own body called in) to help clean up your mess (toxicity). Not many people desire to take on that true responsibility.

Your immune system IS your health. Are there things you are doing and exposing yourself to that will require waste management to lay you out and clean you out? (ex. pharmaceuticals, sabotaging the diversity of your natural microbial biome, eating shitty food, alcohol & drugs, chemical exposure, emf exposure - especially 5G).

Supporting the immune system doesn’t stop at eating well, getting plenty of sleep and exercise. We have to take it up beyond the physical plane as we ARE electromagnetic beings.

We are energy. The health of your immune system hugely depends on your own personal frequency. Love is a very high frequency. Love is light (bliss, contentment, kindness, gratitude, oneness, abundance, etc.). Fear is a very low frequency (hatred, jealousy, anger, fear (again), doubt, lack, sickness, etc.).

A high love frequency will absolutely transmute a low frequency. Think of the sun shining into a dark alleyway. The dark has nowhere to hide in the light. Light is all transparent.

Sickness cannot survive in light. Even at the most basic physical level, we know that sunlight is a massive cure for dis-ease.

Dis-ease. A body that is not at ease. Low frequency.
Ease. A body that is content, healthy, and vibrant. High frequency.

4: Plants and trees ARE our medicine

You have heard me say it a thousand times: the plants and trees are pure love (high frequency). One of their many jobs here on Gaia is to assist humans (nutrition, medicine, breath, companionship…).

How do the plants and trees make their food? Directly from the sun. Directly from the light.

Every time we commune with pure, natural (chemical free and unadulterated) plants and trees, we literally infuse our beings with light. There are many ways to do this (spending time in nature, pure food, herbs, essential essences…). The more ways you can converse and interact the better. How many ways can you incorporate the plants and trees into your daily?

Single, pure essential essences (aka essential oils) are the most potent way to commune with the plants and trees within your body. The skin is your largest organ and it is also one of the easiest and most effective ways to absorb into the body.

When an essential essence is applied to your skin, the plant/tree will be in your bloodstream within 90 seconds. Pure light, love, and perfect balance from the plants and trees come in to help you lift yourself into higher frequency and higher light, no matter where you are.

The plants and trees are our partners in this life from first breath to last. We are even built so that we would have them running through our bodies almost all of the time via eating. We have used them as our medicines since the beginning of mankind. Doesn’t it seem odd to you that just in the last 100 years that ‘modern’ medicine has tried to lure us away from them?

If you think that moving away from the plants and trees has made us happier and healthier, then I would recommend you check your sources - first and foremost your own heart.

Remember, the plants and trees support on the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms simultaneously. It is impossible to divide us into part and segments. Man-made medicine works against our very balance of harmony by using the low frequency principles of divide and conquer.

5: Essential essence foundations

Drinking several drops of Lime Mexican or Lemon Cedro in your water daily is a very simple immune boosting and body balancing habit.

All of the citrus essential essences can support with uplift, clarity, and courage.

Lavender and lavandin essential essences will help with heart reconnect and 'feeling'. Violet leaf can support with numbness if you feel that you can't feel anything.

The hot essential essences like savory winter, oregano, thyme red, cinnamon bark are willing to help you burn out toxicity. (Be mindful in application of these hotties.)

Parsley seed, santolina, and greenland moss essential essenes are huge liver cleaners. Proceed with respect and common sense if you have never worked with these Devas before.

The conifer essential essences (firs, pines, and spruces) are massive detoxifiers on all planes.

Cumin Black Oil and Niaouli MQV essential essence are incredible for restoring and maintaining life force energy.

The blossom essential essences help us reconnect with self love. Pure steam distilled rose essential essence is a very unique and potent frequency uplift. There is a reason the red rose became a common symbol of love.

Helichyrsum Italicum essential essence is paired with other single, pure plant and tree essences amplifies the frequency!

Who is your heart drawn to? With whom do you have a yearning to commune? I invite you to have your own experience of how pure, single plant and tree essential essences enrich your life. Every single one of them will lift you up and support you. You can’t make a wrong choice. If you need guidance, set up a consult with me.

Step up. Take responsibility for yourself. Be aware that many low frequency people in high places desire to lie to you. Search out truth for yourself. Use alternate search engines and dig. Use common sense and look for patterns. And as always, keep what resonates and let go of the rest.



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