November 08, 2019

I sat down across from a gentleman at the phone charging station in the Dallas Airport. He immediately looked up at me with a cosmic grin and said, “whenever I smell that smell, it makes me think of Woodstock”...and he closed his eyes, smiling...and sniffed the air a few times.

I smiled broadly and told him I was wearing the trees...the love of the trees. It teared me up because this gentleman really ‘got it’...he recognized and graciously received the scent and frequency of pure love.

After all of these years of wearing the plants and trees all over the world and in so many diverse experiences, I still never get used to being a catalyst for the emotions the plants and trees evoke in others.

In my final paper for my medicinal aromatherapy certification, my assigned topic was how I envisioned the future of medicinal aromatherapy. I wrote about desiring to fully embody the frequency of the plants and trees and to share that frequency with everyone I met...since it is truly impossible that there could ever be enough physical plants and trees to make essential oils for everyone on the planet.

Here I am years later reflecting that when I wrote that paper, I knew I could embody and share these frequencies, however I didn’t have any idea what that looked like.

Now I do. Some people are open and receive it in bliss and in others, it strongly points out where they are closed.

There is no such thing as accidents. Even lovingly holding space as someone has a ‘freak out’ moment from what my ‘scent’ unearths creates the opportunity of opening for them if they choose. And an opportunity for me to grow too. We both chose to experience this. We are even literally standing in each other’s fields.

Consciously or subconsciously, we choose everything we experience. The judgement of good or bad is perspective only. The biggest question is...what are you going to do with your experience?

May each and every one of you be blessed with the grace to grow, expand, and fully embody the love that you truly ARE!

And may the frequencies of my writings help you remember more love. If you have the means to work with pure single essential essences, act on that opportunity...for to literally have their presence on/in your body manifests gifts beyond all words and imagination.

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