August 21, 2020

Everything that follows is specifically addressing only pure, single essential essences (aka. essential oils).

Let’s rephrase the 'I don’t like  the smell' to 'I don’t resonate with the smell'. ‘Resonance’ is really what is at play here.

The plants and trees are pure love. They are vibrating in a very high frequency of love. Their scent is one of the physical forms their vibration creates so that we can perceive them in the 3D body.

When a smell is unpleasant to the nose (again, if and only if the essential essence (oil) is pure), it shows us that we are out of balance with the harmony of the plant/tree who is in perfect harmony with Gaia.

Like attracts like. Take a moment to really think about what resonance that you desire to vibrate in harmony with…

We are electromagnetic beings. We are entirely made up of energetic waves of moving energy, even though we perceive ourselves to have a ‘form’.

If you are really on a mission to do your own work and raise your frequency, instead of being repelled by the scents you do not like, call them in and commit to working with these plants and trees. Ask them for assistance in helping you to come into balance with their harmonious blueprint.

What has been shown to me time and time again through myself, my clients, and my mentors is that when we commit to working daily with that particular plant/tree essential essence whose scent we initially find aggravating…within a rather short amount of time (usually 2-4 weeks) we begin to become fond of the smell. What this shift signifies is that something deep within you is healing.

There are many reasons that we could be out of balance with a particular pure plant/tree essential essence (oil). We may have physical ailments that do not jive with a Deva’s perfect resonance. We may have emotional residues that cause friction with a particular Deva. We may have very deep memories that a certain scent rekindles to show us that we haven’t completed our work with that situation.

How do I work with an essential essence scent that I do not 'like'?

Commit to putting her on the bottoms of your feet daily. Talk to her and listen to what she has to say. Talk to your Higher Self and listen to your own wisdom. Be active in rekindling the relationship because the plant/tree is a way-shower for you…reflecting to you something that needs your attention…allow her to lead you…

When I say ‘work’ and ‘healing’, remember the only place you can actually do this is from your heart and heart mind. The brain (head mind) will tell you all kinds of lies ad fairy tales…you have to go within your heart to do your work.

It is paramount that we realize that while the mind is useful for some parts of 3D life here on this planet, the majority of the time it is our greatest obstacle in realizing our full cosmic potential.


In summary:

If you don’t like the smell of a particular plant and tree essential essence, ask yourself if you are ready to step up and take a look at where you need to do some inner work. If so, stay open, have trust, and you will be supported.


One of my experiences:

Coriander Seed. I had been working with the essential essences (oils) for years. I had had an intimate relationship with almost all 280+ Devas that Wisdom of the Earth offered…except coriander seed essential essence. I always had a reason of why not to order her.

Then she got persistent and kept showing up: in articles, dreams, recipes… I heard her message and I agreed, “Yes, it is time.”.

I received and unwrapped her. I chatted with her. I opened her top, and though I scrunched my nose I knew we needed to work together. I knew I needed her assistance.

Digestive issues are something I have worked with for years. My digestive tract seems to be my easy dumping ground for unprocessed emotion and stress. We all have places in our bodies that we are likely to 'dump' emotions that are hard to face. The more awareness we can have around this, the more we can use ‘the symptoms’ as a tool for insight.

Coriander Seed essential essence (oil) is known as a huge intestinal cleanser and detoxifier. She is also a sweetener of emotions. If you have ever grown cilantro you know that when the going gets hot, cilantro is in a big hurry to bolt, go back to seed, and start anew. She is also very prolific in her ability to sprout. When you think of seeds in general, they embody infinite potential.

The spirit of coriander seed came knocking after I had completed massive physical, emotional, and spiritual overhaul in the realization of how I created suffering for myself and chose to ‘swallow it’. In hindsight I see how perfect the timing was with coriander seed. Working with the plants and trees is a relationship that we invite. It is never just ‘us’, and it is never just ‘them’. They don’t resonate with separation, remember?!?

All of the mind placation above is well and good, but I still had work to do…because I could only bear to wear Coriander Seed essential essence (oil) on the bottoms of my feet or my legs for the first week or so. I worked with her everyday, asking for insight and guidance, and accepting that there was something within me that was out of balance.

The second week was much better, I didn’t dread the smell. And one magical day, somewhere in the third week, I opened her top, took a big deep inhale and smiled. 'Oh you smell good!', I told her. I felt her give me a huge energetic hug.

In my experience, when you commit to showing up and get over that first big hurdle with a Deva, you don’t go backwards…as you have made huge progress in balancing/healing a dissonant energy deep within.

Have courage to show up. Know that pure plants and trees can always be trusted to support your expansion, even if you don't like the smell (at first).

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