Your Winter First Aid Kit (Part 1)

Your Winter First Aid Kit (Part 1)

October 03, 2019

Each and every one of us has the privilege and opportunity to take responsibility for our own health. Vaccines, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals…OMG, don’t get me started

Our original medicine came from Gaia. It has only been within the last 100 years in Western culture that many have chosen to choose to trust the laboratory concoctions of humans rather than Gaia’s perfect gifts. Why is this? To name a few…FEAR propaganda, misinformation, loss of education of natural medicine, laziness (not taking care of one’s self consistently and not having the patience to do anymore than swallow a pill), losing the faith in ourselves that we are our own best healers…

Did you know that Gaia almost always grows the antidote to a poisonous plant (to humans) near by?

Did you know that the same plant can be used for varying conditions of high/low blood pressure, high/low thyroid, etc. because the plants are conscious and intelligent and know exactly what needs to be done in the human body to regain balance?

Did you know that when you use plants as antibiotics that they do not disturb your gut flora because they ‘know’ what bacteria is out of balance and what is not?

I have heard people say to me, 'plant medicine didn’t work for me or for ‘this’'. My first questions: do you know where your plant medicine came from, was it pure, and did you do your due diligence?

Part of my personal mission is to help educate others in how to use plant medicine to be well and stay well. I have been through my own process of returning to the remembering of plant medicine as I was raised with Western Medicine default. I understand how treating a cut naturally is easy but when something bigger arises, the programmed fear can be gripping. Three words, 'trust your intuition' and let that be your guide.

With winter on the horizon, pharmacy shelves stocked with poisonous cold medicines, and signs for flu shots galore, may I offer up some other suggestions…

Keep your immune system up:

Feel like you are starting to come down with something?
If it were me, I would:

Some of my go-tos for respiratory funk:
Rabbit Brush, Himalayan Soti, Eucalyptus family, Camphor, Helichrysum gymnocephalium, Rosemary family, Grindelia

Remember that getting sick means that your immune system is maxed out. Colds and flu usually have the emotional underpinnings of overwhelm and something that needs more time and space to be digested. When we are in rhythm with Gaia and her cycles, winter is generally a time for rest and internal processing. Sickness is a forced way to take time to do just that. Perhaps it would be more pleasant to chose differently.

I am available for consults for your individual needs and concerns.

Wishing you all the best!
Love, Kirsten

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