Cardamom Seed Black (Amomum subulatum)

Cardamom Seed Black (Amomum subulatum)

July 01, 2019

Cardamom Seed Black…ummmm...deep smokey, mysterious, sensual essence from Nepal.

My digestion is my ‘Achilles heel’. When life gets a little stressful and/or emotional…my digestion is the first to growl in protest of my UN-groundedness.

It’s all about perspective…I used to chose the suffering stance around being bloated or running out of a room to keep my farts a private affair…not that I am saying this is pleasant or that I chose to publicly share my stinky off-gassing…but now I use it as a tool and a pointing. My digestive unrest is signaling me to explore the root of the issue, which is almost always something weighing heavy on my emotional body.

In the meantime while I am processing, changing my alignment, and just plain sorting it out, there is not greater friend for me than cardamom seed black.

While she is infamous as a digestive, cardamom seed black works with quite a different personality from the other common digestives like the basils, dill seed, cardamom seed green, gingers, galbanum

Being a black essence, she is always up for exploring the shadow side. I find that cardamom seed black is able to address each hidden pocket in my digestive system while supporting me to look into every emotional crevasse that I am feeling and not quite able to view squarely.

Cardamom seed black is very intense. Her sister cardamom green is softer, but anyone that has every suffered from any inklings of IBS knows that it calls for a potent Deva to really calm things down. Cardamom seed black is also known as a heart tonic, which of course makes sense…if we can’t digest the emotions of the heart, we’re not going to be able to digest in the gut either.

As with all of the plant and tree essences, they not only help to bring relief in the physical but they hold our hand while we work with the emotional and spiritual. The essences often bless us with enough of a break from physical discomfort so that we may have the space and the energy to do our real work.

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