Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

July 19, 2019

There are certain staples in my life…sea salt, carrots, buckwheat…water…daily meditation…breathing…geranium…ya, seriously.

Geranium is one of my daily Devas that so lovingly supports my journey. I have always felt her to be a bridge…helping to form the support of the here to there. In the physical, she can assist as a tissue regenerator…a bridge builder.

On the emotional and spiritual she holds my hand for walking across new bridges. I remember a story by poet David Whyte where he speaks of coming to a swinging bridge in the Himalayas over a huge chasm that was incredibly narrow and missing planks. He had to stop and sit down because he could just not bring himself to cross that bridge. After sitting there for hours in fear, an elderly Nepalese woman bid him ‘Namaste’ and walked right across the bridge. Without thinking he picked up his bag and went across right after her. His point of the story was that sometimes the Hero has to sit down and your inner softness has to take you across. I couldn’t agree more.

Take this whole story in metaphor… geranium plays the elderly Nepalese woman’s role, making crossing big chasms possible in sweet feminine softness.

Speaking of this masculine/feminine balance is no accident. Geranium is known as a wonderful hormone balancer especially when paired with other hormone supporting Devas (anise seed, hyssop, sage family, spruce Norway…).

Hormones work in the body beyond the scope that any of us (including science) can fathom. Keeping the hormones in balance no matter what your gender association is absolutely a nonnegotiable for peace in the being.

The world itself is in massive transition. You don’t have to watch to news to know this. And I am sure that you, yourself have plenty of examples in your own life in which to share…

I feel we could all use a little hand holding encouragement with all of the change going on inwardly and outwardly… Thank you geranium!!!

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