simple complexity

We humans are so good at making everything complicated. The plants and the trees are so good at making everything simple. Turn off your phone, your computer, your TV. Take off your watch. Put down your book. Turn your todo list face down. Leave the laundry for later and…. Go outside. GO OUTSIDE!!!! Go out […]

Heart space

Do you allow yourself to feel deeply? Are you speaking your truth? Are you honoring both the light and the dark within yourself? Are you in love with your very soul? What is all of this anyway? Just another smattering of words about love and heart and soul and…..? Every word holds vibration and meaning. […]

physical ailment?

Is a person really divisible into physical, emotional, and spiritual parts? The rational mind wishes that it was so; it would make things so much more… well, um, rational. But this is not the case. We function as a whole. And so we must treat ourselves as such. When we are heartbroken (rather than surrender […]