We each have the ability & opportunity...

to take full responsibility for our Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Well-Being.

What does a consult entail?

Each and every person is an exquisite, integrated energetic system expressing Self through the vehicle of a physical body. We divide one's Self into parts to make it comprehensible, but wellness is a state experienced when the whole is in harmony. One of the many things that is so sacred and unique about the plants and trees is they always address us wholly.

Individual consults consist of you and I speaking in safe space (usually via phone). I ask you to come with an open Heart and your Heart intentions. What do you desire to work with physically, emotionally, and spiritually? We discuss the connection and interweaving of these 3 planes. Between the plants & trees speaking to me and your own Higher Self guiding us – we choose the essences that feel to best support you on your personal journey at this time. I also address usage suggestions, application guidance, and answer questions you may have.

Minimum consult is 1/2 hour. Please call (808.635.4898) or email Kirsten for questions, scheduling inquiries, and monetary rate of exchange.

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"Sap is sacred..."

- Kirsten Klaus

I am lover of the natural world. The plants and trees are my best friends. As lead gardener in an organic medicinal garden, I began speaking openly about this. The more I spoke, not only did the people in front of me open, but I did as well. I had been hugging trees all of my life, and now I could finally enunciate to others what it was all about.

The plants and trees are our great wisdom teachers and our constant reminders of unconditional love.

The years I spent in the garden was a pinnacle and springboard experience. It was a true gift and learning about the rhythm of Gaia, my connection with the plants and tress, how potent and all-encompassing plant and tree medicine is, who I was, and who I desired to be. 

When we ask the plants and trees for help and we take the time and initiative to do our work, the things we call ‘miracles’ can happen.

My interest and study of medicinal herbs made a natural progression into the study of essential essences (oils), which lead me to Wisdom of the Earth. I resonate deeply with the purity, the emphasis on energetic quality, the connection of physical/spiritual/emotional, and the open door of working with the plants and trees to support cosmic remembering.

My love and passion for Gaia and the plants and trees is infinite, and vise versa. I am truly at a loss for words when it comes to expressing my love and gratitude for the plants and trees. It is just so much bigger than words…

We eventually become part of whatever we choose to take into our bodies (emotional, spiritual, physical)…I keep looking in the mirror to see if I have sprouted leaves yet…

I work with clients throughout the world, pairing people with plants via consultations and serving as a trusted source for single, pure, medicinal grade plant and tree essences.

Infinite love to all,
Kirsten Klaus  |   Medicinal Aromatherapist

Kirsten is a certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist, currently based in the high desert of Arizona. She has completed Wisdom of the Earth's extensive education program, and apprenticeships with Master Medicinal Aromatherapists. 
Other formal education includes (recent to past) Continuing Education in Sustainable & Organic Farming (Kauai Community College). BS in Graphic Design (Art Institute of Pittsburgh), Baking & Pastry Arts Degree (California Culinary Academy).


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Kirsten can also be contacted by phone: 808.635.4898 or via email: info@thesacredsap.com

Plants & Trees are Conscious

They help us remember the LOVE that we really are.

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