I feel sap is sacred...

I am lover of the natural world. The plants and trees are my best friends. As lead gardener in an organic medical garden, I finally began speaking openly about this. The more I spoke, not only did the people in front of me open, but I did as well. I had been hugging trees all of my life, and now I could finally enunciate to others what it was all about. The plants and trees are our great wisdom teachers and our constant reminders of unconditional love.

There was an extended period in my life (where within myself), I chose fear instead of Love. This of course manifested in illness, as that is what fear does. The plants called… slowly I began putting my hands in the dirt (something I had always yearned to do but never could quite get there). I began educating myself and applying my heart to growing – in more ways than one. In a miraculous unfolding, I was offered a most exquisite job as a gardener, and chose to put my graphic design career on hold. Everyday I worked with the plants and the trees. I listened to them, I talked to them, I sung to them. It appeared that I was working with them, but the reality was – they working with me!

My next sojourn as a gardener was equally as magical and serendipitous. A woman (whom I refer to as ’An Angel’) came every Wednesday as a volunteer to harvest tulsi (Ocimum basilicum sanctum). She and I had many, many profound conversations in that sea of green. One day, without planning, I spoke, “I feel called that I should work with plant essences”. Her reply was simply, “Wisdom of the Earth”. Every hair on my body stood on end. And my journey back to Love shifted from an idea to a reality.

The plant and tree essences taught/teach me about myself and about Love in a way that was/is beyond profound and poignant. I have described it to others as ‘being brought back to life’, but really it's coming Home to the Love within myself.

I have an infinite curiosity and appetite for learning. I study, I read, and I inquire constantly – especially about the plants and trees, the human body/psyche, and expanding consciousness. I am fascinated by the relationship of the body, the mind, and the spirit... and how it manifests our day to day, minute to minute reality. I never tire of experiencing how the plants and trees are willing to work with humans. I am beyond intrigued by the unseen world and my connection to it. I am always seeking truth, my Heart truth. And, I am constantly growing to remember more Love.

I invite you to experience the gifts of the plant and tree essences. Open your heart as wide as you can, rest your mind somewhere where you can’t hear the protests, and take a journey with the plants and trees. It can be life changing if you choose.

If you desire support/direction, I work with clients throughout the world, pairing people with plants via consultations.

Infinite love to all,
Kirsten Klaus  |   Medicinal Aromatherapist

Kirsten is a certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist. She also completed an apprenticeship with Master Medicinal Aromatherapist, Kat Augusdottir-Shuford. 
Other formal education includes (recent to past) Continuing Education in Sustainable & Organic Farming (Kauai Community College). BS in Graphic Design (Art Institute of Pittsburgh), Baking & Pastry Arts Degree (California Culinary Academy).


Are you ready...

to take responsibility for your own Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Well Being?

What does a consult entail?

Each and every person is an exquisite, integrated energetic system expressing Self through the vehicle of a physical body. We divide one's Self into parts to make it comprehensible, but wellness is a state experienced when the whole is in harmony. One of the many things that is so sacred and unique about the plants and trees is they always address us wholly.

Individual consults consist of you and I speaking in safe space (usually via phone). I ask you to come with an open Heart and your Heart intentions. What do you desire to work with physically, emotionally, and spiritually? We discuss the connection and interweaving of these 3 planes. Between the plants & trees speaking to me and your own Inner Child guiding us – we choose the essences that feel to best support you on your personal journey at this time. I also address usage suggestions, application guidance, and answer questions you may have. Consultations are $100/hour. One hour minimum for a first consult.

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Plants & Trees are Conscious

They help us remember the LOVE that we really are.

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Kirsten can also be contacted by phone: 808.635.4898 or via email: info@thesacredsap.com

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