Anxiety Support: Essential Essence Collection

Feelings of fear and anxiety are not fun. We always have the option to choose between love and fear and often it is quite nice to have some support. These Wisdom of the Earth essential essences (essential oils) are just a few that have been known to support in feeling calmer and more grounded so that you have the space to choose LOVE.

This collection includes one 15ml bottle each of essential essences: Laurel Leaf (courage), Orange Petigrain (calming breath), Pine Scotch (mitigating overwhelm), and Basil Sweet (emotional digestion support).

Orange Petigrain and Basil Sweet can be skin sensitive for some. When applying them 'neat', you can either layer these 2 between the Laurel Leaf and Pine Scotch, or you can apply to the bottoms of your feet. Read more on how to apply skin sensitive essential essences (oils).

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