Hormonal Support: Essential Essence Collection

The expanse of our well-BEing that includes having balanced hormones is beyond the ability to list. No matter what our age or gender, balanced hormones are absolute necessity. The plants and trees are extremely intelligent in working with the individual body, meaning they always work to create a harmonious balance. The plants and trees do not follow a stagnant, single narrative protocol like man-made medicines. They work 'with' you.

These Wisdom of the Earth essential essences (essential oils) can support you to find your own unique hormonal happiness.

This collection includes one 15ml bottle each of: Anise Seed Essential Essence, Geranium Essential Essence, Hyssop Essential Essence, and Sage Clary Essential Essence. Working with the diversity of these 4 Devas together, with consistency, has greatly supported many.

Anise Seed can be skin sensitive for some. When applying them 'neat', you can either layer between 2 of the others, or you can apply to the bottoms of your feet. Read more about application techniques.

Additional plants and trees (not included in this collection) that also may be supportive are: Spruce Norway Essential Essence (especially in male hormonal balance), Sage True Essential Essence, and Rosemary Verbenone Essential Essence.

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