Joint & Muscle Relief Support: Essential Essence Collection

This is a potent collection of essential essences (essential oils) from Wisdom of the Earth that can help support pain relief in muscles and joints. The following plants/trees have a history or being used both for soreness and also arthritic conditions.

This collection includes one 15ml bottle each of essential essences: Birch Yellow (musculoskeletal extraordinaire), Camphor (inflammation reducing ), Corn Mint (very cooling, analgesic qualities), and Spruce Black (natural balanced cortisone constitutes).

The 4 essences included in this Joint & Muscle Relief collection are a powerhouse together. If you can, I would suggest also adding in Lavender Spike. She can be quite helpful with pain, adds a softer feminine energy, and can support in sleeping.

Birch can be skin sensitive for some. When applying them 'neat', you can either layer Birch between 2 of the other essences, or you can apply to the bottoms of your feet. Read more on application techniques. It is helpful to apply the essences as close to the affected area as possible (please use common sense).

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