Lavenders from Around the World Colletion

Collection of 7 Pure Single Lavender Essential Oils (Essences) from Around the World.

This collection was put together by Audre Gutierrez (owner of Wisdom of the Earth) out of her love for Lavender!

(1) 15ml Lavender Albania
(1) 15ml Lavender Bulgaria
(1) 15ml Lavender Fine (France)
(1) 15ml Lavender Highland 1400m (France)
(1) 15ml Lavender Spike (Spain)
(1) 15ml Lavender Greece
(1) 15ml Lavender NW (USA)

This is a simply amazing experience of the unique personalities of many of the lavenders from different locations around the globe. Though several of the lavenders in this collection are the same species, they will teach you how unique each is depending on where she lived! Are you ready for a massive heart opening experience?!? 

This Lavender Collection is $295  (purchased individually $316)

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