Respiratory Support: Essential Essence Collection

This respiratory essential essence (essential oil) collection includes some of the Wisdom of the Earth essential essences that have been known to help 'unclog' and support the breath and lungs. Remember, breath is not just happening on the physical plane...when we support breath on the physical, we are also supporting it on the emotional and spiritual plane too.

This collection includes one 15ml bottle each of essential essences: Eucalyptus Gully Gum (breath opening, mucus thinning), Pine Black (detoxifying, antibacterial), Ho Wood (energy + opening) , Cypress (releasing stagnation), and Mugwort (moving out stuck-ness).

Note: If you are really clogged, you might desire to explore Rabbit Brush in addition to this set. I have personally found that she is no-nonsense when it comes to clearing out crud in the lungs.

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