Heart space

Do you allow yourself to feel deeply? Are you speaking your truth? Are you honoring both the light and the dark within yourself? Are you in love with your very soul? What is all of this anyway? Just another smattering of words about love and heart and soul and…..? Every word holds vibration and meaning. […]


I was asked yesterday about ceremony… Our ancestors have been engaging in ceremony since the beginning of time. Why? it is so important to take time to reconnect to love, offer humble gratitude, and set intention. Ceremony is such a powerful place to reconnect with Gaia, ourselves, and the unseen blessed beings/energies that surround each […]

sharing breath

The Hawaiians traditionally greeted each other by touching noses and foreheads together and sharing the inhale of breath. This is the connection of the breath/source of life (ha), and spiritual power (mana) between two people. I was out hiking yesterday and felt the palatable presence of the Hawaiians that walked this land. As I went […]